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Dining With Duncan

Each week, I spend countless hours researching, experimenting, observing, and tasting. I do all of this to improve your daily life here at Collins, hoping that a recipe can make your meal special, that a suggestion can make your day sweeter, and that a hint can warm your heart. I take great personal satisfaction each time I see someone use one of my ideas, and it is with a tear in my eye that I fondly look upon someone using olive oil, because maybe I had a hand in that.

All these warm feelings could be yours to enjoy, so I challenge you to be the creative ones. I know you all write poetry, play music, paint, sculpt, and entertain your minds with other such inventive pursuits. I would encourage you to channel those energies toward food. Without you, this column ceases to be dynamic. I can only suggest so many ways to use oregano. Send me your suggestions, share with the community, and eat well.

Passion! Love! Art! Food!

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