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Dining With Duncan

Although the experience of ordering the weekend delivery food is almost as unpleasant as a 99 degree day in bayou Louisiana, the food is pretty good. Well, some of it isn't bad. Anyway, the problem is repetition. On that bland, grey-tinted menu, most of us can only find three, four, or maybe five things we genuinely enjoy eating. What are we to do? Here are some tips that will facilitate more interesting delivery meals:

* Try ordering the pizza without sauce, thus altering the taste dramatically. Although some will find this bland, others will savour the subtle taste.

* Cutting the sandwiches into small lady finger strips can add elegance to an otherwise boring meal.

* Try ordering two sandwiches (you won't have to take the time to order on Sunday night if you do this) and reconstructing them, mixing the contents. Experimentation can lead to taste sensations.

* Try your favorite sandwich warmed in the microwave for a down home flavor. (In order to prevent your bread and lettuce from becoming soggy, you might want to heat only the meat and/or toppings.)

* And finally, don't just eat the pizza out of the box or the sandwich out of the wrapping paper. Although a pain to wash and clean up, dishes and napkins turn food into a meal.

Until next week,

Passion! Love! Art! Food!

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