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Dining With Duncan

Brunch Busting

Now that Brunch is the only Dining Hall meal available to us on Saturday and Sunday, it is crucial that we all make the most of it. Here are a few hints on how to accomplish that:

1) Don't just eat the coffee cake cold, with no attention to the scrumptious possibilities within. Spread a generous amount of butter on top and heat in the microwave for ten seconds, recreating that just out of the oven taste.

2) Treat yourself to some fresh fruit. Every day, the fruit bowl goes untouched by scores of Collinesians who could really benefit from some wholesome freshness. Why not peel yourself a banana or an orange, and then garnish it with yogurt, cottage cheese, or raisins?

3) Yogurt is a healthy base that can be combined with several exciting ingredients to create a taste indulgence. For a sweet treat that is also healthy, try mixing raisins with yogurt. Both plain and blueberry yogurt are enhanced by the chewy goodness of dried grapes. Also, plain yogurt with a dab of honey is a divine experience. And finally, flavored yogurt with grape nuts is a way to enjoy yogurt with a hearty crunch.

4) Imagination + Ice Cream = Mmmmmmmmm. Try creating a new flavor of ice cream that is both delicate and delicious, and you might come up with some of the following: cinnamon, pineapple, passion fruit (hint: use one of the juices!), brownie, banana… need I continue?

Passion! Love! Art! Food!

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