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Dining With Duncan

Dear Readers,

The Italians prize some things over all others: love, a full life, and… olive oil. When the olives are picked and the oil process is complete, the beautiful golden liquid spills forth from spigots in the wall, and little children run to these faucets with pieces of bread, ready to taste the fresh delight. Italians prize aged olive oil, and it can often be found relishing in extra virgin (an olive oil term) antiquity in the attic of many a Milanese and Florentine villa. When Italians have had to evacuate their homes because a violent storm or conquering enemy was approaching, it was often their aging olive oil, and not their gold, that they would take with them. Italians know that olive oil is a very good thing.

So should Collinesians. The dining hall staff was kind enough to provide us with olive oil, and we should certainly take advantage of it. It can turn around a lackluster meal with its mellow, classic flavor. Here are just a few olive oil suggestions:

* If you're not in the mood for pasta with tomato sauce, then sprinkle a liberal amount of olive oil on your pasta. Add as much parmesan as you please, and enjoy.

* Sprinkle olive oil on bread, any bread. Or use it as a dipping sauce for your bread. Try adding spices and spreading it on bread and then toasting the bread (or wait for a recipe for garlic bread, soon to be published in this article). Try using the word bread very often in one sentence.

* Add olive oil to your salad, and transport yourself to the Mediterranean.

* Are the dining hall vegetables a little too bland? Add some olive oil, and perhaps some spices, and then reheat in the microwave.

If you try these suggestions, then you will have a new appreciation for olive oil. I promise that you will go on to experiment with it in new and exciting ways.

Yours ever,

Passion! Love! Art! Food!

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