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Dining With Duncan

October (brought to you by the Archer Daniels Midland Company) is the month that coats everyone in warm, fuzzy Gap brand sweaters and dependable Levi jeans. We don thick Eddie Bauer socks and our summer Birkenstock sandals are relegated to their winter homes in Rubbermaid shoe storage boxes. But why do we only warm ourselves from the outside in? A bowl of Quaker brand oatmeal can do just as much good as Isotoner brand gloves. These soothingly warm recipes will help your mind and body keep cozy warm in the coming chilly months. They aren't complicated, but they are good things.

Re-Homemade Applesauce

Did your mom ever make you homemade applesauce? Mine didn't either, but I did see Mama Bear on Berenstein Bears make homemade applesauce, and it looked so appealing. Here's how you can reproduce that homey goodness:

1 bowl of Collins brand applesauce
Durkee brand cinnamon (amount varies by taste)

Mix the applesauce and cinnamon thoroughly, and microwave for one minute. Re-stir and enjoy.

Magnolia Fruit Warm

1 teacup of Collins brand fruit cocktail
1-2 spoons of Durkee brand cinnamon-sugar

Add the cinnamon-sugar to the fruit and mix completely. Warm in the microwave for 1 minute. Can be served with a side of ice cream. Bon appetit!

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