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Dining With Duncan

Duncan at Hillfest, October 1998

In the fall of 1998, Collinsites' eating habits were elevated to previously unheard-of heights of sophistication by the appearance of a weekly column by freshman Duncan Teater. A regular feature of the Collins Columns, "Dining With Duncan" provided creative recipes made entirely from items available in the Edmondson Dining Hall. They will work equally well in your home kitchen. Collinsites.org is proud to present the entire run of "Dining With Duncan," in the hopes that it will bring to your daily meals a simple elegance you never knew they were lacking. In the immortal words of Martha Stewart, "It's a good thing."

The Eighties Issue - September 23, 1998
Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight

The Debate Issue - September 30, 1998
Steamed Vegetables

The Corporate Sellout Issue - October 7, 1998
Re-Homemade Applesauce and Magnolia Fruit Warm

The Literature and Poetry Issue - October 14, 1998
Café à la Mode

The Fetish Issue - October 21, 1998
Garnishing Tips

The Halloween Issue - October 28, 1998
Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwich

The Stress Issue - November 4, 1998
Well-topped bagels and a home improvement project

The Children's Issue - November 11, 1998
Spicy Cream Cheese Chicken Sandwich

The Junk Mail Issue - November 18, 1998
In Praise of Olive Oil

The Winter Holiday Issue - December 9, 1998
Finals Week Brain Food

The Armageddon Issue - January 20, 1999
Post-holiday purification

The Safety Issue - January 27, 1999
Not food-related… but it's pretty interesting foreshadowing considering Duncan became Arts Council Chair a few months after this was written.

The War and Peace Issue - February 3, 1999
Brunch Busters

The Valentine's Day Issue - February 11, 1999
Spinach and Pasta and Banana Milk Shake… of Looove

The Island Getaway Issue - February 17, 1999
Puppy Chow

The Fashion Issue - February 24, 1999
Variations on the Theme of Cream Cheese

The Tabloid Issue - March 3, 1999
Making the best of weekend delivery

The Thesaurus Issue - March 11, 1999
A plea for reader submissions

The Sprung Issue - March 31, 1999
Sweet 'n' Tangy BBQ Sauce and Honey Mustard Sauce

The Your Mom Issue - April 7, 1999
Coffee Milk Shake

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