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Extremely recent minutes can be found on the Residence Halls Association website. They will eventually be added to this page (after my wrists have recovered from coding this 90-page document!)

Final Exec Board Meeting of 1997-1998 Academic Year
April 27, 1998

Location: Collins Clubhouse
Called to Order: 9:00 PM
Attendance: All but Janice, Heather, John and Amy (some of whom arrived late)
Minutes by: Benjamin Keil
Preparation for summer / upcoming fall.

I. Roll Call - Missing from the meeting at the roll call were:

II. Touch Ourselves

III. Reports - Omitted: hands otherwise occupied during "Touch Ourselves" exercise.

IV. Discussion - What a lively one it was!

1. Chris Hester will be in charge, not Rob Schimp.
2. Fun Stuff in Student Government

a. All Student government people should arrive Wednesday, August 19
b. That means they should talk to their employer now.
c. Rob's BIGFUN idea: Pie Throw
d. Alternative Ideas

i. Sponge Throw
ii. Dunk Tank
iii. Discussion Postponed due to Rob's impatience

1. Rob wants to stop RHA advisory board
2. Creation of a forum for students to post grievences
3. Philathropy - Desire for coalition work with (among others)


4. Sports

a. More interaction with other residences
b. Participation in all intramural sporting events
c. More Camping opportunities
d. Cooperation with IMU Outfitters

5. Treasury - Awareness of available resources through tours. E-Mail John if interested.

6. Communications - More submissions from non-staff writers.

7. Technology

a. Computer Lab keys for Technology Staffperson
b. Possible UCS takeover of ResComp responsibilities
c. Collins E-Mail list
d. Collins Webpage with more current information
e. Online Rideboard

8. BOG - More trips, more often. BOG members seem to come and go.

9. Historian

a. Speak freely in meetings

i. Make one suggestion that Rob does not immeadiately shoot down
ii. Go for ten minutes without being criticised by Rob

b. Organize Records

i. Filing Cabinet
ii. Manilla Folders
iii. More on-line records

c. Put minutes on line

10. Programming

a. Multi-Cultural Programming

i. "Collins Culture Week"
ii. African American Dance Co., etc.

b. Continuation/Restart of Traditional Collins Programs

i. Viennese Ball
ii. Hill Fest
iii. Open Mike

c. Programming Board with both freshman and veterans.

11. President

a. Reign over Collins
b. Rule the World

12. E-Force

a. Available Resources Publicized
b. Cooperation with similar minded groups in other residences
c. Pro-active movement / doing.
d. Cooperation with other campus organizations in general
e. Improved relations with Collins custodians
f. Green-up Student Government
g. Improved Ride Board

13. Rick

a. Have fun
b. Instill sense of Importance -- don't underestimate your contribution

1. All those who have them should return them by this Friday (May 1st).
2. All student government people should get them next year

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First Exec Meeting of 98-99
September 4, 1998

Location: Collins Clubhouse
Called to Order: 9:00 PM
Adjourned:10:00 PM
Attendance: All present except Amy, Heather, Sally, John
Minutes by: Benjamin Keil
First meeting of new academic year

I. Roll Call

II. Big Fun

1. Megan Suggests mandatory Austin Powers Reference each meating.
2. Becca wiped elderly posteriors.

1. Introductions
2. Candy

1. Announcement of new posters
2. Call for enthusiam on the Hill.

1. When concrete is finished.
2. Hopefully in two weeks.

1. Executive Board - M 9:30
2. BOG - S 9:00
3. BOVG - S 9:00 (BOG/BOVG on alternating Sundays)
4. Community Council - F 4:00

1. Went really well
2. Freshmen took it in stride

1. Blood Drive Sep 9, 3-8 (need Cookie People)
2. [Minutes cut off here]

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Collins Exec Board
April 12, 2000

Location: Edmondson Basement
Attendance: Claire, Bethany, Tanya, Gail, Kristen, Katie, Matt, Lauren, Brian, Katherine, Megan (late), Ben, Molly, Sally, Jeramy
Absent: Tad and Veronica
Minutes by: Sally O'Brien
First meeting of the 2000-2001 Exec Board!

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call/Intros- everyone makes an animal sound

III. Reports

IV. Discussion

- 10:00 on Saturday to start setting up
- We will ignore the rain
- Scratch that. Tanya deems that it will not rain!

- Next week: Same place, same time

- "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"
- Carl wants Harry Potter
- "Religious Overtones"
- "People won't be motivated to read it"
- "Bad movie versions"
- "Not enough characters"

V. Maybe Sara?

VI. Buh-bye!

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Collins Exec Board
September 3, 2000

Location: Clubhouse Greatroom
Called to Order: 6:00 PM
Attendance: All but Jeramy and 1/2 of BOP
Minutes by: Sally O'Brien
1st meeting of the school year

I. Determine new meeting time

II. Choose office hours

III. Bertie Speaks!

- In the cafeteria
- Tuesdays
- Emphasis on Academic Report
- Collins - 2nd highest GPA last year!

Meeting Adjourned!

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Collins Exec Board
September 12, 2000

Location: Clubhouse Greatroom
Called to Order: 9:00 PM
Attendance: All but Molly. Philanthropy = late
Minutes by: Sally O'Brien

1st Note:

Elaine: Bringing the games to the Clubhouse



- Pop Culture Issue this week
- Ralph too!

Tech Dir.:

- Ben's doin' something w/the Stud. Gov't computer
- Stud. Gov't e-mail


- Bus plan hate mail
- Take Back the Night in 2 weeks

Fin. Dir.:

- $642.77


- Recycling
- Composts


- 1st meeting

Campus Involvement:

- 1st Little 5 meeting
- Homecoming preparations


- Philanthropy council - lots of interest
- CAP - Collins Active in Philanthropy


- Ride board


- Budget
- Will have $900 left
- No money for pizza parties or food

Sports & Rec:

- Girls' soccer
- "Coleus Moose"


- Looking for Duty Office staff
- Fire Drill Week - not this week (Sept. 25)
- Sexual assaults in Collins
- Safety & security in Collins

Everyone plays Balderdash

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Collins Exec Board
September 26, 2000

Location: Clubhouse Greatroom
Called to Order: 9:00 PM
Absent: Lauren, Veronica, Brian, Katie, Katherine
Minutes by: Sally O'Brien

I. Roll Call

II. Dana - Rec Sports

III. Reports


- Safety Issue
- Next week: Anti-Establishment

Tech Director:

- CLLCSG - new email
- New computer for Student Gov't office?


- IUSA Retreat this weekend
- Condemning bus plan
- Assigning senators to student groups
- L Permits - Late night parking pass


- Cleaning out Programming Room


- Passed budget at meeting


- HillFest - Nov. 11th or 4th
- Halloween: Oct. 27th 8-12


- 2/3 soccer games got cancelled- RAIN


- No activity in Exec B. fundraising
- Policy on SOA card

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Collins Exec Board
October 10, 2000

Location: Clubhouse basement (there was a movie upstairs)
Called to Order: 9:00 PM
Adjourned: 9:45 PM
Attendance: All but Bethany & Tad. Molly & Ben were late.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy- the new Historian! Whoohoo!

0. Cat emerges from bag

I. Roll Call

II. Reports


- Jordan River cleanup w/SEAC this weekend- meeting 1 p.m. at School of Ed
- fixing recycling
- gardening ideas
- Envirocomix

- Jeramy- Can we get sexy light bulbs for Hillcrest?
- No extras now, trying to get more


- Halloween Dance Oct. 27 8-12
-decorating @ 3:00

- Claire and Jim are making eye contact now

- HillFest Nov. 4, 1-6
- looking for bands
- Mode St. has RPS connections


- Getting council together
- Planning RISE Halloween party

- TC Steele trip @ end of month
- cleaning trails, riding horses, root beer

- Sara - blood drive on Halloween


- Looking for gnomes
- Homecoming- making float Friday 7 p.m. in Ed Basement

- Little 5 team together
- half in training
- other half quitting smoking

*enter Ben*


- No activity
- copy card will have $ on Thursday

- Claire- can we buy ice cream for the next meeting?
- sort-of vote = yes

- Columns reviews- can get reimbursements
- With more free time, Kristen is available as Columns hit man


- designed new Antichrist desktop theme
- could buy cheap sound card
- stole SG speakers for Hellsmouth
- Hellsmouth admin password same as SG
- must ask Ben for Hellsmouth acct.
- has list of e-mails (send news to him)


-Warm 'N' Fuzzy on Thursday
-Great Editor Swap
-Sara wants input on smoking policy

*enter Molly*


- 180 sigs/2 hrs - textbook tax petition
- Admins looking at clock proposal
- AID might get usurped by admins
- tickets forming

How much is the cafeteria making?


- Food Committee - advertising & surveys

- Library people @ PC - closings next year - not us!
- Foster, Eigenmann, Collins, Willkie, Teter will stay open

- Some conference that sounds like "Glocker"
- "Have A Fun Time!"


- Big 10 SG conference - IUSA hosting


- Center Stores have surplus popcorn machine - we can use it for free


- lost a soccer playoff game, won another
- volleyball starting - women sign up at desk


- Smoking issue- help get feedback
- Should we have more non-smoking floors? Where?
- More suites on the Hill?

- $5 tickets to Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
- it's not Matt's house


Who decides room rates?
- Most of Hillcrest must go outside for laundry - sucks on rainy days


Smith printer - working?


- The heat is ON!
- Scheduled for new radiators in 2009-2010… whoohoo!

*Freakish interlude*


Application concerns - the university is making it harder to apply to Collins
- Sara & Claire on warpath

- graffiti issues
- Someone sprayed "Fuck Art!" on our sign in Sept.
- We're buying our own power washer


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Collins Exec Board
October 24, 2000

Location: Clubhouse Greatroom
Called to Order: 9:00 PM
Attendance: Katie, Matt, Brian, Veronica, Molly, and Ben were absent at roll call. Bertie filled in for Sara (on vacation).
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Reports


- Homecoming float made it to the parade in a few pieces
- Frat houses got a kick out of us
- futon is broken; being repaired by Tad


- Dance on Friday - decorating at 3 p.m.

- Hillfest Nov. 4
- how to make candles?

- confused about finding stuff


- has been kinda dead
- working with Sara to improve Hill recycling


- Halloween Issue coming out - next week is Debate
- sending emails for ideas

Community Council:

- just peachy
- trying not to think about the Coffeehouse


- took small group to Wells Plaza dedication
- putting together blackout book


- Dean of Students wants to take IUSA's control of AID, put grad student in charge
- IU hosting student government conference this weekend


- Nov. 28 referendum to join ERA/RHA
- Oct. 28 town meeting at Eigenmann
- Bethany volunteers to be election commissioner (so she can hang out with Joe Kolesczar)

- getting VH1 and Learning Channel
- 5:30-6:30 tomorrow, Tudor Room - search committee meeting for new Chancellor
- Popcorn machine - let Claire know if you want to use it

- Bus proposal and UITS are shady
- students feel they aren't being listened to on the committees

- Talked with Bob Weith on Monday about blackout
- he's writing an explanation to the Columns


- no big changes
- copy card has $


- accidentally deleted Sara's report
- staff appreciates cooperation during blackout
- Thanksgiving closing info keeps changing
- New RA for Greene - "he's supposed to be wicked" - from Ashton
- Staff Dinner - 6:00 Thursday - we're all invited to share concerns

*enter Katie & Brian*

*enter Molly*

Sports & Rec:

- Volleyball lost, but was fun


- Bill: We should get Sara a present!
- massage @ Health Center?
- dinner?
- Vote: YES - unanimous

Note: we have $690.31 in the Exec Fundraiser


- still wants to ride horses and help people
- blood drive


- We should have a Collins Rummage Sale
- proceeds go to account, charity, scholarship?

- getting a card for Matt (Lauren is in charge of this)


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Collins Exec Board
January 22, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:40 PM
Attendance: Tanya, Tad, Joli, Lauren, and Molly were absent at roll call. Tad and Molly came in later.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
The first Exec Board meeting of 2001!

I. Roll Call

II. Introductions - New Philanthropists!

III. Claire Speaks

IV. Reports


- Hasn't touched stud. gov. computer in weeks
- Web page in limbo
- Added RAM, HD, ink, paper to Hellsmouth
- Ben must set up accounts on Hellsmouth
- old files are still there


- Union tour went well
- Ralph article in Columns soon
- Edmondson research - Inspiring quote: "He was such a swell guy that this place isn't the same without him!"

*enter Tad*


- 80s Issue
- Sleepover March 2 (Matt's turning 21 - this is THE sleepover to catch)
- Katie & V started bartending school
- Door signs made


- $680.29 in Exec Fundraiser


- E-Force meeting this week


- Carnation sales?
- Meeting Sunday
- Viennese Ball: Feb. 23 (Friday)
- DJ booked


- Car wash for Orientation
- Letter to hit freshmen early
- Met with Carl
- Help park cars to get free ticket to Purdue game - fundraiser for MCUM (Monroe Co. United Ministry)
- Meetings Tuesdays at 9:00


- Not meeting this week
- funded MLK, tubing
- looking for next year's VP
- has about $800 left

Campus Involvement: (report given by Bethany)

- No IU Sing due to flaking
- Little 5 stuff is goin' down

Sports & Rec:

- We have a basketball team!


- Elections have begun! (Yay)
- going to meet with lawyers about changing fee allocation to student groups like Democrats, Campus Crusade
- Late Night Parking Permit
- need a senatorial candidate
- only Supernova has permission to campaign here

- RHA Elections: Tuesday, March 6
- When should we do shadowing?
- decide for next mtg. (still Sundays @ 5:30)

Community Council:

- nothing to report
- meetings Mon. at 4
- has $4000-$5000 left
- will fix Loki

V. Orientation

VI. Office Hours

VII. Sara

- graffiti wall, Guess My Sexual Orientation
- working with Allies (GLBT Week starts the 10th w/Allied Ball)

- Sara: We have about 51% retention rate. If we aren't full by early Aug., we get extra people - under 10 this year

We're done! (6:40)

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Collins Exec Board
February 4, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Attendance: All but Katherine, Lauren, Molly, Ben, and Foltz.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Center Store/Coffeehouse

III. Reports


- Unity Week Issue - few articles submitted
- we don't really know what Unity Week is

- Lots of mistakes last week, but it's okay

Tad: "I was afraid to open that issue."
Matt: "Do you just want us to put more cocks on the front?"
Tad: "I was afraid to open that issue too."


- Selling carnations Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for American Heart Association
- Low on funds - is asking BOG for carnation $
- might ask CC for $ instead

Viennese Ball:
- have DJ
- working on ads, food, quartet
- We have a gnome ice sculpture! (modeled from the Little Book)


- Valentine's Day project with all Philanthropy directors - supposed to ask BOG for $100, but will use LLC fund
- No one came to first meeting, but we made a bulletin board
- meeting 2 Tuesdays from now
- CAP - "We cap yo' ass if you don't come."
- Blood Drive - we had enough - next drive April 5
- March 22: RHA Philanthropy sponsoring Laser Tag w/neighborhood kids
- Valentine's Day project is delivering carnations to retirement community
- Big Fun this semester


- Wants to give BOG as much $ as possible - can she take unspent money from our budgets and give it back to BOG?
- We have about $688 - should we use it for T-shirts?

*enter Dru the CUE; Tad & Columns harass him for advertising*


- CC decided you must ask permission to stuff boxes or put stuff on doors

- Miss-A-Meal for PDA; India wanted one for the same time - we can't have them all at the same time - if India's approved, we've used them all up - CC might turn it down because it would interfere with PDA
- We could tell India to come back later
- RPS has encouraged all centers to approve $ for India
- They'll still need help later
- "You need bleach in every disaster." -Bethany


- Ralph article was printed
- still researching Ed
- Inspiring Quote: "The meals served in South Hall are superior to those in most any organization house on the campus, according to Dean C.E. Edmondson."


- article about V-Ball
- concerned about next year - Claire knows someone


Idea: amendment to put LLC chairs on Exec Board - we'd need to act fast to get it on the ballot
- How do we feel about it?
- We should ask AC and BOEP how they feel

IV. Sara

- still looking for Orientation chairs
- must apply
- meeting on 11th for chairs

- Purdue's res halls going smoke-free next fall
- IDS article soon on RHA's smoking status
- Recommended: smoke-free by 2003-4
- next year: Brown 1 & 2, Smith smoke-free
- Tad: Can CC go against PC?
- Sara: yes, but pressure would be strong

V. Office Hours


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Collins Exec Board
March 4, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:00 PM
Adjourned: 6:20 PM
Attendance: Claire, Bethany, Megan, Joli, Sally, Ben, and Kristen present at roll call. Kyra, Katie, Katherine, Molly, and Foltz came in late. Lindsay (BOP candidate) and Ivey (BOG candidate) attended. Sara is out of town.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Claire

*a moment of rejoicing in gyroness*

*enter Katherine & Katie*

III. Reports


- Lots o' plans
- Volunteer Day: morning of Collinsfest
- got award @ Lions dinner
- Blood Drive April 5
- Laser Tag March 22

*enter Molly*

IV. Center Store

V. More Reports


getting ready for Earth Day, no concrete plans yet

BOP (Lindsay):

Culture Shock and Collinsfest scheduled for same day; we may have to change it to Sunday

*break for introductions*


- Happy Founders Day!
- Ralph article on Web
- Inspiring quote: 1925 telegram to Trustees
"The residents of Indiana University Men's Dormitory would like very much to have you name their home today. Merely offer as suggestions Woodburn Hall, Ballantine Hall, or Hogate Hall. Very respectfully, Men's Dormitory Association."
- organizing newspaper clippings

*enter Kyra*


- Movie Issue soon
- sleepover was good
- no spring Ralph: disk had incorrect information


- softball team forming
- 2nd place in bowling
- another team interested in softball, but S&R's BOG funding low - she's going to Renay


- somewhat behind on email list
- Willkie has an awesome Stud. Gov. office


- Easter Egg Hunt w/RISE - April 14
- please encourage people to participate (meetings Tuesdays at 8, alternating with BOEP)
- Feline Rescue Center
- Lions want to take us to Tudor Room often!

More BOP:

- Thursday after break: meeting for everyone who wants bands/tables at Collinsfest. Email lmasimor.
- leadership issues w/Collinsfest - Claire will talk to Gail
- there should be some kind of thank you for custodians, etc. - possibility for extra BOP money


- Exec Fundraiser $651
- Ben proposes Siam House
- Bethany: What about T-shirts?
- Freaks shirts being designed
- If we get Fugazi for Collinsfest, gnome shirts will be popular
- Ivey's grandma has lots of yard gnomes that she thought were a Nativity set
- Let's leave a rollover - $200?
- Foltz: Would PC pay for Exec Board T-shirts?

- Must use money for what it's budgeted for
- long discussion by Katie


- approved $150 to University Players
- shot down dumb floor program w/governor who didn't show up and then resigned
- RHA Exec candidates may come tonight
- NRHH applications

Elections Commissioner:

- this Tuesday 10:30-7:00
- need poll-workers - there will be prizes!


- UP getting other $ from IUSA
- presenting "most argumentative bill in four years" to open CASI to political/religious/etc. groups
- happily retiring

Adjourned 6:20

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Collins Exec Board
March 25, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:00 PM
Attendance: Both outgoing and incoming execs attended. Tanya, Carla, Kyra, Lauren, Jen, and Jo were absent at roll call.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
The transitional meeting!

I. Roll Call

II. Reports After A Fashion

III. T-Shirts

IV. Sara

IV 1/2. John

V. Adjourn to office to paint hands

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Collins Exec Board
April 8, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:00 PM
Attendance: Kyra, Sara, and Matt absent at roll call; Sara and Matt came in late.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Lindsay

III. Intros, Goals, and Favorite Cheese


- 25 people at a meeting
- "I don't know. Colby?"


- Lots of fun, get Collins involved
- smoked Goudah


- no goal sheet - Goal to have $ where/when it's supposed to be
- Amish white cheddar


- have quorum at beginning of meetings
- provolone

*enter Matt*


- Get more people involved all year long
- "I love cheese." - but not American


- have 4-5 consistent student reps
- No Evil Bleu

*enter Sara*

Campus Inv.:

- Barrier-breaking sessions with other dorms and Greek houses
- NY super-sharp cheddar


- stand on head and learn to sing
- Get IUSA more known in Collins
- Munster


- Activity every Saturday morning to pick up courtyard trash
- Feta


- provide more support/programming for Hill
- Cheddar
- "I could live on cheese."


- provolone


- Get Ralph out as early as humanly possible
- Anything but buy 1 get 1 free Brie from Kroger


- more writers
- Pepperjack


- be a happy helper
- "I think cheese is disgusting."


- Ed/Cravens/Smith bios
- Monterey Jack


- make Exec Board meetings worth coming to
- somethin' bleu


- Take experiences he's gathered in a doctor-like black bag and use them to help others
- Parmesan

IV. John

V. T-Shirts

VI. More John

VII. Reports/Issues


Must organize support for Mini 5
- tickets are $8; cash only
- should there be a signup sheet?
- 25 people, have them pay half


- First Cuts are tonight
- is going to ask BOEP/AC to sit on Exec Board

- Mini-Training: Discussion leading
- plans to hand one out at every meeting


- asks about plans for C-Store
- will walls be available for murals?


- we're all role models
- Take one of the goals on your sheet and make a checklist of how to accomplish it.


Suggestion: Dinner meetings create more community, morale

VIII. Sara

IX. Adjourn for relaxation exercise

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Collins Exec Board
April 22, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 6:00 PM
Attendance: Lindsay, Mary, Meghan, Jo, Matt, and Sara absent at roll call.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
Last meeting of the year!

I. Roll Call

II. Lindsay thanks us (in absentia) for Collinsfest

III. Fill out OA forms!

IV. Reports


- No more CC this year; will do it over email if you need somethin'.
- New policies for CC; will put copy in office

Carla & Kyra:

- Rise kids coming to do ceramics (making Mother's Day gifts)
- dinner with Bell Trace senior citizens on Wed. - campus event
- Thanks to those who participated this weekend


- last BOG meeting tonight
- lots o' money left


- Mini 5 got good turnout


Earth Day Tuesday
- vegan-friendly lunch
- Nature Walk with Lucille
- poetry reading @ 8:00

SEAC Earth Day is Saturday
- E-Force doing plays


- baseball or softball tournament Friday?
- suggestions: wiffleball, kickball, parachute


- last issue - write about how much you love Collins!
- love to seniors encouraged x 20
- John suggests Patrick Kinsman as Cheeky Monkey judge


- helped with BOP/RA karaoke- big success


- No one showed up for Wylie House tour

*John goes to get binder; we play Heads Up, Seven Up*


- Collins Awards 7:00-8:30 Wednesday
- Storage in office: put stuff in box with name
- take stuff out the day you get back
- online reports next year - we all complain, so maybe not
- turn in keys at moveout
- don't paint on sidewalks w/o putting something under it

V. Orientation Discussion

VI. We turn in goal planner sheet things

VII. Adjourn for relaxation

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Collins Exec Board
August 21, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 11:00 AM
Adjourned: 11:25 AM
Attendance: Jo, Meghan, and Matt were absent at roll call. Sara was absent; Claire was present. We need a Financial Director!
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
Pre-Welcome Week: The first meeting of the year!

I. Roll Call

II. 'Twill be short and sweet!

III. We need a Financial Director

IV. NRHH Forms - nominate "________" of the Month

V. Everyone should work on their budget!

VI. "That's really all I have to say." - John

VII. Going to Floor Meetings- 8 p.m. Sunday

VIII. Status of Recycling

IX. Let's go put up posters!

Adjourned! 11:25 a.m.

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Collins Exec Board
September 2, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 7:30 PM
Adjourned: 8:29 PM
Attendance: Kyra, Meghan, Matt, and Sara were missing at roll call. (Kyra & Sara arrived later.) We have a new Financial Director! (Sue Armstrong)
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. LLC Purchasing Procedures

III. Office Hours

IV. Contact Sheets & Constitutions - later

V. Introducing Sue- the new Financial Director!

VI. Reports


- Sept. 9th @ 8 p.m. - first meeting
- brainstorm for Halloween dance
- Ed basement


- CC tomorrow 4:00 - will discuss Clubhouse
- Quiet Hours, etc.


- please confirm Little Book info
- weekly column
- Projects: files in office, display case, IMU tour


- "First Time Issue" - Wednesday
- 1st mtg. good - lots of people
- deadline Sunday 1 a.m. because of Clubhouse issues


- talking to Little 5 organizers


- 1st mtg. Sept. 5th, 5:00 p.m., Coffeehouse
- must have floor reps to empty recycling
- Simply Living Fair this weekend - Katherine getting volunteers - may get tickets if volunteer spaces are full
- Kyra going to talk about wildlife preservation


- likes to do publicity - it's kinda fun to sit around with markers
- tells Carla there is interest in service Saturdays


- Governors were elected - she is excited
- 1st mtg. Sept. 16 @ 7:00 p.m.
- 15th - Gov. training - just Ivey will go


- Homecoming app due Sept. 28th
- callout meeting soon for Homecoming
- Yell Like Hell - Oct. 11
- Parade - Oct. 12
- Banners due the 9th

- IU Sing app dates/theme not set yet
- Feb. 15-16, 2002

- Kevin Smith- coming Oct. 26
- Collins should cosponsor
- Will be a Kevin Smith Committee - Gennie is really interested


- IUSA Callouts Sept. 5 and 12 in Tree Suites
- Town Meetings - Myles & trustees


- mtg. Sept. 11, 9 p.m., Ed Formal
- lying low until then
- Blood drive went really well - another around Halloween


- kind of in the dark about budgets - we'll work on them today
- Write for the Columns! (Whoohoo!) - The more we write, the more people will read
- Hill: put lots of fliers there

- No chalking on veranda!
- Spread the word

- send John office hours and meeting times
- 1st PC Wed. - we'll talk about lack of janitors
- Kris says we should support library - its computer was taken back
- Waffles - guy was annoyed by lots o' emails - Columns are encouraging more emails

- Sue offers to set her office hours whenever convenient for us.

VII. Budgets

*enter Sara*

VIII. Constitutions passed out

IX. Sara

*enter Kyra*

X. Adjourned! 8:29 p.m.

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Collins Exec Board
September 12, 2001

Location: Ed Formal
Called to Order: 11:00 PM
Adjourned: 11:30 PM
Attendance: Kristen, Laura, Gennie, Jen, Lindsay, Sue, Bethany, Gabriel, Gail, Claire, Jo, Carla, John, Matt, Kyra
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
Emergency meeting in response to events of 9/11.




*Lindsay passes around table signup sheet*




*John returns with fliers for us to put up*

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Collins Exec Board
September 16, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:15 PM
Attendance: Lindsay, Bethany, Kyra, Carla, Meghan, and Sara Ivey-Lucas were missing at roll call.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Thank you for coming to emergency meeting

III. Not doing Regatta b/c of Cheshire

IV. Homecoming

V. The Flag!

VI. Waffles

VII. Meeting with Pat Connor

VIII. RHAA event @ Willkie Saturday

IX. New printer cartridge for office - old one is broken

X. Please advertise on Columns calendar

XI. We'll just label the heading "John" already

XII. Reports


Having a groovy time taking the flag down and putting it back up


Has been receiving emails about checking stuff out


"Absolutely nothing."


- Homecoming meetings not well attended yet - probably because of Tuesday
- Ad blitz starts tomorrow
- will probably build float Oct. 5th

- Kevin Smith: bringing cosponsorship proposal to CC tomorrow
- $2000
- "Holy sweet Jesus!" -John
- Collins kids will get special seats if we cosponsor

- Homecoming theme= "Let the Good Times Roll"
- Laura suggests gnome w/guitar
- Gennie: "A flaming guitar?"
- Gail suggests building float in courtyard to get more participation
- Laura lacks Duncan's natural magnetism & begging ability (her own words)


- 1st meeting tonight - excited
- went to training on Sat.
- going to RA meeting to tell them how to write bills
- Needs constitutions for governors.


- meeting Wednesday 5 p.m.
- working on recycling issues
- Kara Busch talked at meeting (not Kyra)
- Catherine Hawkes has ideas for E-Force


- Wants to make thank you notes for RAs, etc.
- Let's make a sheet of info for Q-teachers


- Taking Columns to printer - will have cool bandaids
- Working on Ralph - looking for Phoney McRingring for cover
- Ralph should be done Wednesday


Nothing happening yet.

- BOP had first meeting today - Rocky theme
- Kris advises that Carl will not be happy - tells the shady tale from days of yore


- was bad, didn't write column
- scavenger hunt idea

XIII. Flag Ideas

XIV. Discourage vandalism!

XV. Adjourned! 6:15

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Collins Exec Board
September 30, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:44 PM
Attendance: Gennie, Carla, Meghan, and Matt were missing at roll call. Carla arrived later.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. John

III. Reports


- planning Halloween dance - different committees
- want to take pictures - Polaroids? - wants suggestions
- John suggests random photos rather than posed area
- Sue: digital cam/e-mail pics?

*exit Lindsay*


- recycling is getting taken out, but she's not sure what's happening
- Sara: Rumpke is going to bring new equipment

- meeting Wednesday 5 p.m.
- lots of interest in Community Wildlife Habitat Project
- might have guest speaker soon - alum on eco-tourism - maybe do a mini-trip
-Recycling Day - "when everybody in the world recycles" - is soon


- BOG at $3911 - deposit happened this week
- Exec the same - $163.02

*enter Carla*


- asks if we can sell T-shirts from Center Desk
- John: probably not, but we can sell from office hours
- B: sell at Kim's music festival

- Hoosiers Outrun Cancer - Oct. 20 - desperate for volunteers
- IUSA bombarded with requests for babysitters
- Take Back the Night - Oct. 3-4 - just be there


- meeting Tuesday 8:00
- trying to have Dance Marathon team



- got 3 more people - committee of 6
- Mardi Gras is our float theme
- getting supplies this week
- building Friday
- turned in application
- gave up on Yell Like Hell, window painting
- might do banner contest
- parade Oct. 12

IU Sing

- should get application soon, will have callout soon

Kevin Smith

- no cosponsorship, will advertise here

- we have castanets for the float!!
- music - John suggests renting a big plug
- can-can dancers!


- lots of thwarted spontaneous pretty picture projects
- send Q ideas to Iris


- beauty pageant - Q-project - campy
- Dru & Marsh doing diverse dance lessons, dance


- camping equipment checkout process


- BOG went really well - "I've never seen that many people in the Clubhouse."
- meeting tonight
- Governor wants house phone at other end of Greene
- really, really badly wants a house phone
- making Ivey crazy
- really, really crazy


- Heard there's a petition to end quiet hours
- will not happen

- Heard several want John to be Frank N. Furter for Halloween


- When people want to do crazy things, teach them the process - tell them it'll be frustrating, but don't say it's impossible


Can we get programming room keys for good?
John: cleanliness issues

- New CAP positions - secretary, treasurer, publicity (Marsh)


- Pop Culture Issue
- Ralph is done!

- brief comments on Faculty phone books

- meeting turnout low
- various suggestions arise


- Lots of stuff to report

- Tomorrow is John Cravens' 137th birthday! Be happy! (Ivey: "You are so cute!")

The Tuesday story

1) Edna & John found old trophies in Smith Attic
- hopes of restoring them, displaying in cases, library

2) I went to a reception at Woodburn House, snuck upstairs, and sat in Herman B Wells' chair

- making binders for each presidency
- 2 BOG bills: plastic sheet covers & obscure landmark scavenger hunt

- Clubhouse - people need to clean up after themselves! esp. with no official cleaning staff
- saintly freshman did other people's dishes
- Bethany suggests a pair of execs per weekend to clean Clubhouse

Kyra again:

Trying to determine interest in Middleway House training - spread the word


- could attending this be a Q-project?
- they should help later, too


Hopes to do RISE trick-or-treating


Ryan said he and Pat agreed to have custodians take out 1 kind of recycling once per week
- John & Sara: it's not official yet
- Bethany - thinks making people keep stuff in their rooms will discourage recycling

IV. John

V. John - Smoking spaces

VI. Meal Plan Committee

Adjourned! 6:44

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Collins Exec Board
October 14, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:35 PM
Attendance: Jen, Kyra, Louise, Jo, Matt, Gail, and Meghan were missing at roll call. Kyra came in later. (Note: Meghan takes care of the computer, but doesn't come to meetings.)
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Sara: John Fluke

III. Meal Plan - John

IV. Lindsay's Report

*exit Lindsay*

V. Back to Meal Plan

VI. Rates & Budgets

VII. Other John

*enter Kyra*

VIII. Reports


- $ for Haunted Hill
- program evaluation form to help with bookkeeping, knowing what happened - she doesn't like it
- FC gave Cheshire oversight to CC
- will help AC oversee sound guys
- Dec. 7 - Alumni Association hanging out in coffeehouse - we'll give coffee to those who don't go to Nick's
- Peace Camp wanted tents indefinitely - we said no
- assorted programs
- wooden gnome will live in Cheshire - "You could choke on it if you put it in your mouth."
- support custodial staff - Edna will start going to CC - clean up after self in Ed Formal


- BOG has $2455.77 for semester
- less $107 spent last week
- make sure to give her receipts
- reimbursements take 2-4 days


- Parade went well, especially Jeramy breathing fire
- Turning to IU Sing - app. due Oct. 29
- 2 weeks to find 15 people
- "We can do it! Maybe."
- Theme= "A Night At The Movies"
- Kevin Smith tickets tomorrow morning @ 10:00


- late b/c of hailstorm in hometown
- Saturday is Hoosiers Outrun Cancer, but no one expressed interest
- Middleway/RISE training - will certify people to do children's programs - 4-hour condensed session
- Trick-or-treaters 6-8 p.m. on Halloween - RISE and Fairview Elem.


- Meeting tonight
- Wants fliers to distribute for BOG boards
- Will reward govs with coolest boards


- Teter/Collins frisbee match soon
- working on starting soccer team


- "Anatomically Correct Issue"
- Music Issue was good & big - 19 pages!
- Computer is fixed
- send us events


- John & Bethany won Scavenger Hunt
- bought 300 more sheet covers
- if you see articles about Collins, let me know
- Next project: Trip to Herman Wells art exhibit
- IMU tour soon - I am a curse on the Union, because every time I contact them, someone dies

IX. PC Wednesday @ Collins, 7-12

6:33 - Adjourned!

X. Need head for Collins Food Committee

Adjourned for real - 6:35

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Collins Exec Board
October 28, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:30 PM
Attendance: Sue, Gennie, Carla, Louise, and Matt were absent.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
Everyone is half asleep!

I. Roll Call

II. John Reports

III. Reports


- Frisbee night with Teter went well
- Soccer/volleyball intramural teams - shirts?
- Little 5 callout - esp. for women
- Little 5 is big beast
- V-ball team won first game! (African Gray Flying Squirrels)


- trying to set up Campus Bash committee
- similar to CultureFest - lots o' campus groups - in spring


- 8 people for IU Sing; need 7 more by Nov. 15
- RHA Director of CI wants neighborhoods to band together - we are going alone
- have until Dec. 10 to get entry fee refunded if it doesn't work out


- Q-class is over, but keep sending project ideas


- Marsh & Dru's dance is Friday
- assorted small projects - ghost tour, Smith kitchen, bike racks
- Muppet Movie night Nov. 9th!!!
- Indian food on December 1st!

*exit Harmony*

- Nov. 9th - benefit concert for John Fluke's family
- Ed 3 lounge beautification
- hip-hop class
- Good Thing: have 3-4 consistent student reps
- Problem: Carl's spending issues - hopefully resolved

Ivey (sneezing!):

- assorted bills last time
- flowers for Fluke

- 2 bills tonight - including Violet's book club
- she didn't actually ask everyone on the floor as she said at BOEP

- Good: meetings are awesome; govs like to talk
- Drawbacks are few: weird bills, occasional gubernatorial rudeness toward guests


- Halloween Issue


- Herman Wells art exhibit is awesome


- dance was big success
- Boppers were punctual/helpful

- Next: Hillfest
- it's getting cold!
- Kyra suggests a fire
- thinking about small scale with hot cider, etc.
- probably no bands

- All Sorts of Trouble for the Boy in the Bubble - Nov. 16th?
- wants to do free tour of dorms
- also Straight No Chaser - but they cost $ - Erin Ransford might fund part - they will come sing for BOG if we need to ask for $


- Middleway House training in 15 minutes - Ed Formal
- RISE kids trick-or-treating on Wednesday
- probably no Halloween blood drive because Red Cross is so busy
- lots of ideas in the works
- send Philanthropy stuff to her, not Carla

*exit Kyra*

IV. Rates & Budgets

V. We are in Week 11

VI. Fee Committee - Yearbook

VII. Evaluation/Planning

VIII. Office Hours

IX. Reorientation Ideas

X. Sara

Adjourned! 6:30

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Collins Exec Board
December 2, 2001

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:00 PM
Adjourned: 5:36 PM
Attendance: Lindsay, Sue, Laura, and Matt were absent. Sara arrived late.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
Last meeting of the semester

I. Roll Call

II. Reports


- John got $ to wash sleeping bags
- Bring-A-Friend meeting next semester for recruitment


"I have nothing really to report because I do nothing. …And you can write that, Kristen."

- interested in helping with Philanthropy


- new person taking over bulletin board next semester
- fruit sale Dec. 6, 7, 10, 11 with Lions Club @ IMU
- did Adopt-A-Road
- look for our picture on IUB homepage
- MLK service - do we think we should commit as a group?

*enter Sara*


- IUSA/RHA ambassadors (next year) will attend both mtgs
- Look out for possible Riley fundraising scam
- organizing Meet-the-President dinner (Oakman)


- did Adopt-A-Road with Philanthropy on N. College
- America Recycles Day - did pledge, contest
- haven't been meeting much


- passed some bills
- meeting tonight - no bills yet
- Resigning today b/c needs to get a job next semester
- If you know a potential VP BOG, let Ivey and John know
- Gail suggests Matty and we all laugh


- soccer team had 1st championship match
- volleyball done


- Winter Wonderland/Holiday Issue - last one of the semester
- Reorientation - write summaries of what we've done 1st semester
- Spring Ralph - working on getting names early
- working on getting new computer


- trophy project
- lunch with alumnus who knew cool stuff, even though he only wanted to talk about Little 5
- working on projects with Collins library
- L400 next semester

Lindsay (given by John):

- Dickens Dinner Tuesday
- Finals Fever Reliever 6-9 next MTW
- we brainstorm break ideas


- think about successors, including for president
- next semester we're going to reflect (ooh, shiny!)
- NRHH Retreat - you should go, even though you'll have to do icebreakers
- Think of something fun to energize floor reps

III. The Bus Plan

IV. Bethany announces Goofballs

Adjourned: 5:36

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Collins Exec Board
January 13, 2002

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:28 PM
Attendance: All present except Jen and Matt. Ivey and Bethany have both resigned.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
First meeting of the new semester

I. Roll Call

II. We have 9 weeks left as execs

III. John's Thoughts

IV. Reports


- Blood Drive Jan. 24
- working with Dru and Falguni on MLK Day
- mysterious food donation in Cravens lounge


Little/Mini 500 - working with Harmony
- Little interest in Little 5
- people suggest bike-related projects

Stereotype-breaking sessions
Bring in someone to talk about internships
Can we change our office hours? John = yes


Next Sunday is IU's 182nd birthday!


- Office is filthy - we will clean next Saturday @ 1:00
- Do office hours - doesn't matter when

V. Sara

Adjourned 6:28

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Collins Exec Board
January 27, 2002

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:16 PM
Attendance: All present except Jo, and, of course, Meghan. (Yes, even Matt was there!) Sara, Galen, and Colin (Ph.D. student) were also present. John was late.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. Intro (We start without John!)

III. Reports


- working on Viennese Ball - thinking Italian masquerade
- maskmaking in advance?
- Louise thinks we should have a harpsichord, and then takes it back
- Columns will do Viennese issue


Doing food drive


- doing lots o' paperwork
- BOG has $4713


- has checked a lot of email in the clean office this week


- going to CC tomorrow for IU Sing promotion idea
- Campuswide Campus Involvement meeting soon
- Thinking about tickets soon
- wants to recruit more Mini 5ers


- meeting tomorrow
- Blood Drive went very well
- MLK read-a-thon was good
- Summer Service Awards - contact Catherine for info


- meeting Tuesday
- organizing movie/sleepover Feb. 9


- bunch of guys want to do Little 5 next year
- camping outing


- What's Hot/What's Not Issue
- getting a new G4

*enter John, suitably abashed*


- working on Little 5 display
- going to CC tomorrow to dispose of (donate) books
- excited that William Rawles was principal of my high school; I like my picture with Dottie


- wants to end gubernatorial apathy
- speakers?
- exec reports?
- they don't bitch 'cause they're not there
- Kyra suggests raffles


- was asleep
- NRHH was good

UITS/RPS contract renegotiation:
- UITS wants $1 million; wants RPS to up room rates by 7.5% so its name won't be associated with a new fee
- Matt wants to be the first to tell them to fuck themselves
- RHA presented its distress to Trustees

- come to dinner on Wednesday


- asks about Exec fundraiser; suggests we do something together before end of term


- Housing apps come out this week
- Carl & Sara are handling all Hillcrest apps - you still must fill out 2
- Still looking for OA chair
- Had Electronics checking Clubhouse TV twice - (because I [Kristen] switched the wires) - they will make a diagram to plug it in correctly
- Introduces Colin Davis - who is here doing cultural studies of Collins for the semester
- we all introduce ourselves again
- Colin speaks!

Adjourned! 6:16 p.m. (Louise says that must be wrong)

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Collins Exec Board
February 10, 2002

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:22 PM
Attendance: Louise, Harmony, and Matt were absent. Sara Ivey Lucas was also absent. Colin (grad student observer) was present.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy

I. Roll Call

II. John speaketh unto us

III. Reports


- Thanks for Viennese Issue
- asking BOG for more $
- no longer has a successor (Laura suggests Homecoming helpers - Erin, Marla, Tonya, Honoree)
- we try to think of people
- John: "We need to suck people in before the Viennese Ball."
- Mask-making the night before the ball


- did food drive - food removal pending healing of friend's broken ankle
- Kyra offers to drive in lieu of the injured


$162.02 in Exec Fundraiser
$4316.82 in BOG


IUSA dabbling with new constitution

- "They don't have anything better to do with their time."
- Playing with apportionment - it probably won't pass, but if it does, we will be lumped with North Tri-Quad - 3 senators for 4 dorms - we flip out
- Tuesday 8:35 in IUSA office - meeting where evil amendment-proposers will be

Laura (the eternal saga of IU Sing):

Nobody showed up for talk with Steering Committee
- Extremely bitter
- Still considering 1/2 price tickets

Mini 5 teams taking care of selves
- There might be breathalyzers! (which would be really cool to watch)

Still thinking of barrier-breaking with Greeks
- Gail suggests philanthropy with Thetas
- Laura screams about inbredness (inbrededness?)
- Dan says he's not inbred

- We attempt to be reassuring while stressing our individuality
- Kyra thinks Jim Beeson should chair IU Sing next year


- doing Valentine carnations at nursing home
- dinner lines - you can buy a carnation and send a note to someone in home (and to your schmoopie)
- Blood Drive went really well (in Jan.)
- People interested in COOL conference
- other stuff happening, including in April
- possible successors


- gave $ to Miss Gay IU
- who is financially shady (?)

- Ed 4 getting T-shirts
- It's hard for Collinsites to know what's going on - we should email him updates to be compiled, posted on floors (or in Columns?)
- Appointed a secretary (Ashley Kuntz)


- Valentine's Issue
- has disk for spring Ralph
- Special Notes to schmoobies (that's "schmoopies")


- Keeps referring to self as "Historian" in minutes, even though I refer to everyone else by first names
- still researching for bios
- Sean Singer - poet/alumnus - coming next week


Folks, we managed to get out of here in 50 minutes…


- One more thing!
- Internship Thing Tues. 7:30

Adjourned! 6:22

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Collins Exec Board
February 24, 2002

Location: Ed Formal (J-Board was in Conference Room)
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:05 PM
Attendance: Dan, Lindsay, Sue, Louise, Kyra, Gail, and Matt were absent at roll call. Dan and Gail arrived later. Sara and Foltz were also present.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
Last meeting before the changeover.

I. Roll Call

II. John

III. Reports


- Will try to do one more thing
- Tells us about a lecture by "one of these hippity-hop people"
- Gennie: "How white are we?!"
- IU students can save the world's ass


Obituary Issue


says she might write obits for the whole exec board

*Interlude* in which Laura turns into an old German lady with a hair growing out of her chin


did a hike yesterday

*enter Dan*


- Ralph is halfway done
- Teases John about fishnet stockings

*enter Foltz*

Jo: Bad News

New constitution got passed

Sara: "Those people should be shot."
Jo: "I'm bringing my potato gun."
Laura: "Where's the other seat going?"
Gennie: "To HELL."

Jo: Dorm with lowest voter turnout per capita will not get seat
- there will be a referendum - but it's yes/no for the whole thing


whines and babbles about unfinished projects


- sorry he's late; parents were here
- has only gotten paragraphs from Kris and Kyra, but still wants to do this project
- wrote letter to govs demanding attendance
- IUSA speakers coming tonight
- got a crazy letter asking for money


"I have a question for everyone. Does anyone know where you can get aerosol chalk?"


Do we still want T-shirts?
- Gail's baseball shirt idea
- Purple!

IV. Foltzie Speaks

V. Dan

VI. Foltzie Speaks Again

*enter Gail*

VII. Sara

VIII. Go eat! 6:05

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Collins Exec Board Changeover (Part I)
March 31, 2002

Location: Ed Formal
Called to Order: 7:00 PM
Attendance: Everybody, old and new, except for Sue.
Minutes by: Kristen Murphy
The changeover meeting!

I. Roll Call

II. Induction will be Sunday, starting 9:00 in Clubhouse

III. Everybody meet your successor soon

IV. John thanks old execs, we decide to postpone handpainting till Sunday

V. John recognizes Kristen for only ever missing one meeting, encourages new execs to follow my attendance example… "Or Dan'll fuckin' kill… uh, Dan'll kill you."

VI. Dan the Man

VII. Everybody say something you want to improve about your job

VIII. Marla speaks

X. Kyra, who just got off a plane, introduces self

X. Laura: "Don't ever get discouraged."

XI. Old execs leave, so these minutes will be continued by my successor, the marvelous Mark Helmsing. I have loved my three years on Exec Board with all my heart, and I'm going to go cry now. --Kristen Murphy

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Collins Exec Board Change Over (Part 2)
March 31, 2002

Location: Edmondson Hall Formal Lounge
Called to Order: 7:30 PM
Minutes by: Mark Helmsing
This was the important meeting where the 2001-2002 Collins LLC Exec Board changed hands over to the 2002-2003 LLC Exec Board. Basic formalities and introductions were made as the formal induction ceremony was postponed until April 7.

On Sunday, March 31, 2002, the Collins Living-Learning Center bade farewell the members of the 2001-2002 Executive Board and welcomed in the members of the 2002-2003 Board. Due to scheduling errors and lack of materials, the formal induction ceremony was postponed until Sunday, April 7 at 9:00 PM, beginning in the Collins Clubhouse. Immediate Past President John Schlafer passed down the enormous stack of Exec Board binders to President-Elect Dan Shapiro in customary fashion.

The following electees were introduced:

Damien Brunetto/Co-Chair of Collins Communications
Sarah Patterson/Co-Chair of Collins Communications
Katrina Hertzler/Director of Campus Involvement
Mark Helmsing/Historian
Lindsay Masimore/Director of Freshmen Involvement
Jason Wallace/Financial Director
John Palmer/Director of Technology
John Whitman/Vice President of Board of Governors
Gail Goldberg/Elder
Marla McMorris/Vice President of the Board of Programmers
Sara Ivey-Lucas/Staff Advisor
Skippy "Julie" Baker/Director of E-Force
Douglas Briney/Community Council Chair
Jo Phipps/IUSA Senator
Dan Shapiro/President
Jen Walker/Director of Philanthropy

- Immediate Past President John Schlafer encouraged the new Board members to work hard and have a vision.

- Laura Edwards, Immediate Past Director of Campus Involvement, advised the Board to never give up and to not get discouraged.

- President Shapiro began "Dan's Circle of Vision" where each new Board member was invited to mention a few of their ideas and visions for their position and to also discuss how they see their term of office as different from that of their respective predecessor.


WEBSITE: John Palmer mentioned posting archives and "Columns" articles on the website. Damien encouraged not losing the printed version of the "Columns." Mark mentioned that the two Collins websites "~llc" and "~Collins" need to be merged. John said that he and Catherine are working towards an open house where the new and improved merged website would be unveiled and displayed for all to see. Mark encouraged all Board members to get to know and meet Catherine Hawkes as she is a valuable resource for all in Collins to work with.

YEARBOOK: Mark sadly informed the Board that the yearbook planned to be published at the end of April would not be done this year. Lack of time, lateness in forming a staff, problems with Hellsmouth, and other reasons were cited for not being able to come up with a book this year. Interest in the project, though, needs to be kept so a new staff can begin working on the project early this upcoming fall. Laurel Worthington has expressed an interest to continue working on the book. Mark suggested having a table set up during CollinsFest this year for interested students to sign up for the staff. Hopefully, more students will volunteer to work on it next year. This is the second year in a row that Collins has not had a yearbook made.

BOP ISSUES: Lindsay addressed concerns over poor attendance at BOP meetings. She mentioned that Wright Quad charges each of its BOP representatives $5.00 for each BOP meeting they fail to attend. Many Board members thought this penalty was too steep to enforce at Collins. More ideas and solutions are needed to improve input and work on BOP programming.

BOG & BOP: Dan inquired of the Board if more ad hoc commitees were needed around Collins (i.e. Dining Hall commitee, Business Operations Commitee, etc.) He addressed the need for more work from BOG & BOP representatives in Collins.

TV IN THE CLUBHOUSE: John Palmer asked if the big-screen TV in the clubhouse had been fixed. Sara Ivey-Lucas informed the Board that it was almost beyond repair and that it would be removed sometime soon. Ideas for a replacement are being discussed at the moment. Expressing his past work on TV repair, John Palmer asked if he could have the TV after it was removed from the Clubhouse.

E-FORCE: Skippy said that, if need be, she would become the "Mussolini" of Collins in enforcing environmentally-sound practices. She wants to be a resource for others in helping choose environmentally-sound options (i.e. recycled paper for posters, etc.) Jen reiterated the campus clean-up project scheduled for Saturday, April 6 from 12 to 2.

THE "COLUMNS": Damien wants everyone's contact information as soon as possible for publication in the "Columns." He & Sarah are planning a major rehauling of the calendar on the back of the last page. He wants all Board members to email "columns@indiana.edu" anything and everything relating to what they are doing each week and what some of their current projects are.

ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES: Sara went over some news and issues relating to operations at Collins. The lock for the Student Government office has been changed and all new Board members can pick up their key at the Front Desk while all old members should turn their key back in. All residents - except for graduating seniors - need to be checked out and out of Collins by 10 AM on Saturday, May 4. Move-in day will be earlier for Board members as they will be having Exec Board training and other duties before and during Welcome Week. Mark, John Schlafer, and Shannon Henning are the Orientation Chairs for this year's Welcome Week.

COLLINS FEST 2002: Marla had a lengthy discussion on this year's Collins Fest. She'd like as many Exec Board members as possible to attend, help out, and be visible. Arts Council's cotton candy stand, the 60-foot-long Banana Split, and more will be there this year. Email Marla for more information or if you can help out. Even people like Jason can have a table -- he can have games of Monopoly running so others can learn what he's doing as the new Financial Director.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will begin at 5:30 on Sunday, April 7. The Formal Induction Ceremony will be held at 9:30 PM

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Collins Exec Board
April 21, 2002

Location: Edmondson Hall Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:35 PM
Adjourned: 6:30 PM
Attendance: Mark Helmsing- Historian, Marla McMorris- VP of BOP, Damien Brunetto- Communications, Sarah Patterson- Communications, Jason Wallace- Financial Dir., John Whitman- VP of BOG, Gail Goldberg- Elder, John Palmer- Technology Coord., Brad Wicklund- Arts Council, Dan Shapiro- LLC President, Sara Ivey-Lucas- Board Advisor
Minutes by: Mark Helmsing, Historian
Regularly Scheduled Meeting



Brad for Arts Council

- Arts Council did a lot during Collins Fest

- Just had a Music Talent Show last weekend

- A Belly Dancing Program is planned for next fall

- The release party for this year's Dancing Star will be Tuesday, April 23 at 7:30 in the EBK Coffeehouse; it's free

John Palmer for Technology:

- People need to start posting things on the ~Collins website

- (Sara almost smacks John while Dan giggles)

- The Exec Board will be created over the summer break

- John Whitman would like to see the menu & weather on the student website; Palmer said it's already on there on his "LINKS" page

- Later on during the meeting, Mark mentions the the Collins E-Newsletter; Palmer sent out his first one last week

- Gail provided advice on how to submit the newsletter

- The new deadline for the E-Newsletter is Saturday at MIDNIGHT for submissions; the email will go out then on Sundays for all to read about the upcoming week's events

Gail for Elder Stuff:

- Gail had no new news at the time

- She likes to sing Broadway Showtunes with Mark, especially from "Annie"

John Whitman for BOG:

- Per Dan's request, Whitman will send out email reminders for BOG meetings more early in the future

- Mark mentioned a need for new ink cartridges for the printer in the Student Government office. Whitman suggested that Mark go to BOG that evening (which he did and successfully presented a bill for the ink cartridges that was unanimously passed)

Jason for Financial Matters:

- Susan Armstrong can't turn over the books yet to Jason

- Jason can't get ahold of Susan to discuss financial matters, such as the BOG budget

Sarah & Damien for Collins Communications:

- There is a box for "Columns" submissions by the Center Desk for people to submit things. You may still submit electronically via columns@indiana.edu

- This week's issue will be the last issue of the "Columns" for this semester

- The Board has been happy so far with the new editors

- The deadline for submissions is set at Sunday evening, but if there is room & time, the editors will take things up through Monday evening

Marla for BOP:

- Marla wanted the Board to know that she solely represented the Board at the Women's Little 500 race -- go Roadrunners!

- Emphasized the need for a new Sports & Rec Director

- Dan said that we have some leads, but would wait until the Fall to find a person to fill the position

- Mark suggested that a freshman wouldn't be a good choice for the position since he/she would be new to Collins & IU

- Gail & John Whitman suggested that a freshman would be fine since we need someone who is enthusiastic and has time in their schedule for it -- most frosh do

- Dan wanted to reiterate that APRIL SUCKS!

- Marla has been busy wrapping up loose ends from Collins Fest last weekend

- Dan mentioned that Carl remarked it was the best Collins Fest yet!

- Marla wanted the Board to know she saw naked men yesterday jumping into the pond in the Arboretum

- Gail asked if she was planning to hold a Finals Fever Reliever as in past semesters

- Marla explained that she didn't have time to get one pulled together this semester; she needed more info from Lindsay

Mark for Historian Stuff:

- Wanted the Board to recognize the "Table of Memories" that was set-up during Collins Fest promoting Collins history

- asked if there was a way to print out the scanned documents from the ~llc website without cutting off the right side of what's on the screen

- Mentioned that he met with Kristen Murphy and now has the keys to the Display Case -- will be putting MRC/LLC trophies in the Display Cases in August

- Needs money to purchase supplies to upgrade the archives file cabinet in the Student Government Office

- Was told by John Whitman and Sara to go to BOG next fall

Sara for Residence Manager Stuff:

- Need to clean out the Programming Room; if it doesn't get done now, it'll be worse in the Fall after Orientation Staff use it for Welcome Week

- John Whitman wondered if it was in the Constitution (passed out at the beginning of the meeting) for Exec Board to clean out the room

- Sara also had a discussion about assigning keys; there were 75 keys checked out for the Programming Room this time last year -- WAY TOO MANY!

- Marla expressed concern over inconsistency of checking key assignments

- Sara said it's a main concern and needs to be dealt with soon and appropriately

- a limited control list may need to be made

- Awards Night will be Thursday, April 25 from 8:00-9:00

Dan with President's Remarks:

- RHA changed some by-laws which can be viewed on-line

- a new J-Board Chair has been approved

- John Whitman feels there are more mistakes in the Collins constitution and that it needs to be looked into more closely

- Dan mentioned that TRAC has created more spots out of old DD parking lots at each residence center; they passed out 85,000 tickets this year for a total of 2.55 million dollars!

- He delivered Finals Kits early in the morning

- Collins J-Board Applications & Coffeehouse Applications will be available at the Center Desk beginning tomorrow and will be due Wednesday evening

- August 21 is the MOVE-IN day for Exec Board members and Orientation Chairs; Orientation Assistants will move in August 24; all others can move in beginning August 28

- Dan also mentioned that the Food Committee ended its 3-year contract with Duncan Donuts over a variety of issues; RPS will create a new RPS-ran bakery for students beginning next year


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Collins Exec Board
Last "No Purpose" Meeting
April 28, 2002

Location: Edmondson Hall Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:22 PM
Attendance:Jen Walker - Philanthropy, Gail Goldberg - Elder, Douglas Briney - CC Chair, John Palmer - Tech. Coord., Skippy Baker - E-Force Coord., Brad Wicklund - Arts Council, Sarah Patterson - Communications, Damien Brunetto - Comm., Jason Wallace - Finance Dir., Mark Helmsing - Historian, John Whitman - VP of BOG, Dan Shapiro - President
Minutes by: Mark Helmsing, Historian

President Dan Shapiro called this meeting in order to finalize all end-of-semester business and get everyone's plans for the summer. Mark used a lot of the time to discuss the Executive Board's involvement in Welcome Week this upcoming year.

President Dan Shapiro called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM. He stated that the meeting had no real purpose other than to wrap up business before we all leave for the summer.

Brad W. announced that the Dancing Star had been presented at a successful release party and that many more copies were available to all interested. They are in the Conference Room.

Douglas B. told the Board that one of his main duties as Community Council Chair will be to approve and direct all Q-projects for next year. He wanted to know if any Board member had any project or area that they might need help with in the future. Mark mentioned that restoring, cataloging, and displaying all of the various trophies in Collins will be a major undertaking that a Q student could do.

There were a lot of ideas discussed tonight about Orientation and how the Executive Board will help out during the week. Gail Goldberg provided a lot of insight into what the Board should do during the week based on past experiences.

Dan Shapiro suggested having intra-mural contests (i.e. Brown & Smith on one team vs. Edmondson & Greene and then Hillcrest & Cravens.)

Mark brought up the idea of having the bus tour again like Carl organized during Re-Orientation this past year. Many on the Board felt it was a good idea. John Palmer suggested that it might be "information overload" for most of the Freshmen.

John Whitman suggested that information the Board members be put into the "Glossary of All Things Collins." There was some discussion as to how it should be distributed. Dan suggested that the Board members tape a copy on each person's door. Mark and Gail suggested going to each Floor meeting and passing them out then.

Dan took everyone's summer address and encouraged everyone to stay in touch before we come back in August. He also wants every Board member to email him with at least ONE programming idea for next year.

The meeting adjourned and everyone went on their way… happy trails until August everyone!

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Collins Exec Board
April 13, 2003

Location: Ed Formal Lounge
Called to Order: 5:30 PM
Adjourned: 6:56 PM
Minutes by: Dan Cun
This is the second attempt at recording the minutes for the first meeting of the new execs, 2003-2004

The meeting began with Dan Shapiro and all the outgoing execs present. Dan gave the incoming execs advice on how to make it a fruitful year. Remarks were made, thank you and comments on doing a good job this past year to outgoing execs. Dan finally passed the meeting to John. Nearly all of the old execs left.

John began official meeting.

- reintroduction of new executives for 2003-2004 and comments on what the exec board should do for the upcoming school year

- the new execs are as follows:

John Palmer - President
Jason Wallace - Financial Director
Douglas Briney - VP of BOP
Shannon Henning - Philantropy Director
Thom Kudla - Co-Communications
Dan Cun - Historian
Brad Wicklund - Arts Council Chair
Erin Farlow - Co-Communications
Whitney Swain - Technology Director
Owen Sutkowski - VP of BOG
Kari Stevenson - Community Council Chair
Charles Benson - Director of Sports and Recreation
Stephanie Feuer - Campus Involvement Director
Sara Ivey-Lucas - Advisor to the Exec Board

- reminder that execs must move in on Wednesday, August 20, 2003 for training, unless outstanding excuse requires your absence

- discussion on some objectives, such as:

1. encourage cohesiveness between main quad and the Hill through more programming, more advertising
2. better process for approving flyers
3. better coordination and cooperation between RA's and execs
4. keep up with office hours and attendance at meetings

- next exec board meeting will be announced (due to conflicting activity at the same time, i.e. arts council dinner)

- meeting adjourned

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Collins Exec Board
April 27, 2003

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 2:00 PM
Adjourned: 3:20 PM
Attendance: Eric, Thom, Brad, Dan S., Erin, Stephanie, Dan C., John, Kari, Douglas and Owen came in late
Minutes by: Dan C.
This may be the last meeting of the year and the second meeting of the 2003-2004 executives

Reports made by the executives:

Thom and Erin for Columns:

They have been promoting the columns. The final issue topic will be a tribute to Laura Edwards. Hopefully, they can get a digital camera for next year, and this way they can also have a picture of the week in every issue.

Dan for Historian:

I have posted up the minutes for last week and if anyone misses a meeting, they can come check on the minutes here, just to be updated!

Eric for E-Force:

His goal is to reduce the contamination in the recycle bin, perhaps have a central recycle system. Also, he may give a short speech at the beginning of the year during orientation to let people know that Collins does recycle. He is also thinking about making his own bins, a slit opening for papers and a circle opening for cans so there is less confusion about what goes where. Or, maybe we can offer more than one trash can in each room but that might be expensive. Wisconsin has this type of setting. Apparently, the school is slowing phasing out metal cans and putting in plastic ones. Finally, he hopes to replace the lightbulbs we have now with more energy efficient bulbs.

Kari for Community Council:

The Collins Coffee House award is on Wed. at 8:00. She also wants to find a better way of criticizing/improving the dining hall and needs questions/suggestions. She plans on making fliers to let residents know about what types of food (waffles, omelets, etc.) are available and when and is working with Jim to make a survey. The Student Rights Quorum is this Fri. Next year, the Cheshire Cafe will be co-managed by Mindy and Matt Holden. They will try to get the word out about the cafe early, at Orientation. Storage for this summer has been approved, so if you are living in the same room next year, you can store things in there for a fee of $150.

Douglas for BOP:

He has an idea of having a fancy lunch in the Tudor Room for the maintenance staff. All Collins residents are welcomed and encouraged to come and converse. Sara and Edna said they would take care of it, but he hasn't heard back from them about it and is worried because he wants it to happen soon and before the end of the school year.

Brad for Arts Council:

The last meeting will be at 4:00 and then a dinner at 6:00. He met with Carl about some new ideas for next year. Carl wants to buy a bunch of opera and theater tickets (about $2500 out of Fee Committee) and sell them at half price to the residents. An Arts Council member will be appointed to be in charge of the operation and of Ryder Tickets because right now, Maria and Owen don't let Carl know when tickets are gone. He also more music practice rooms and to make them soundproof and to offer music lessons (primarily piano and guitar) for half price. Brad wants to know our reaction (everyone liked them) and will bring up the issues at this upcoming meeting.

Stephanie for Campus Involvement:

Little 500 went very well and congratulations to the team for getting 21st place. There will be a surprise for the team. Nothing is going on for the rest of the week. The first planning for next year is Homecoming. Charles gave her an article about recycling for the homeless. They only accept aluminum and donations will go to the shelter, but Eric should take of them.

Dan for IUSA Senator:

IUSA had its first meeting a couple of weeks ago and Crimson won the election. He explained IUSA, it is the sister organization of RHA but is campus-wide (model after the national system) and they get the proceeds from the annoying credit card letters and usually give money to proposals and have directors of different groups (like Health). Dan is working on getting all the resident halls together and having a voting bloc. At the first meeting, the voted for funds to have Blue Light research, approved directors, swore people in, and elected a Speaker of the House who runs the meetings. There will be one more meeting this school year and some over the summer.

John presented for Charles (absent) for Sports and Rec:

He is posting fliers for intramural sports and wants to have floor/building competitions in four squares and frisbee. He wants to see more participation in Little 500 and get a women's team and a men's/women's Little 50 team. In the fall he wants to host a hike-a-thon and rent a party boat on Monroe Lake. He plans on hosting more camping and hiking activities and updating and doing an inventory of sports gears.

John presented for Shannon (absent) for Philanthropy:

The Red Cross is setting up 4 blood drive dates, late Sept., early Nov., Feb, and April. Ed formal is a better space than the Coffeehouse. IRA will do free STD testing for students 4 times a year. All STD tests will be available.

John for President:

First meal plan committee meeting on Fri. and it was introductory. RHA presidential meeting set the summer budget, Welcome Week pool party, Culture Fest, paper boat regetta and talked about installing frisbee golf course by the Alumni Association. ASI Maytag wants to offer the "Included Program" where students pay a flat fee of $75 per semester for unlimited laundry services to get rid of coin usage. No one likes this idea. ASI contract is up for negotiation and there is a threat of price raises. At the meeting this coming Wed. the presidents will vote on this and bring up how to deal with price raises in the future.

Owen for BOG:

BOG met last Sunday to approve the new constitution and by-laws, and the meeting tonight will approve new exec board members but the the J-board chair will not be approved till next year. Dan will try to get a referendum for the new constitution before the year ends. They will probably do it at the required floor meeting or set a table outside the cafeteria. New board members will be elected the first two weeks of school next year.

Closing Remarks:

Meeting Adjourned

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Collins Exec Board
May 4, 2003

Location: Conference Room
Called to Order: 5:08 PM
Adjourned: 6:15 PM
Attendance: John, Erin, Brad, Shannon, Eric, Dan C., Owen, Thom, Stephanie, Kari, Douglas, Jason, Whitney, Charles
Minutes by: Dan C.
This is the last meeting of the school year

1. We did introductions again

2. Reports

Erin/ Thom for Communications:

last issue was the Laura Edwards Issue; will research digital camera over the summer and go to Fee Committee about it; both will be here for orientation

Brad for AC:

had dinner last Sunday and a good turnout; Brad and Dan met with Carl and Catherine about tickets for the opera and theater, 20 season passes to the theater and 10 season passes for the opera, for the 1st Saturday and 2nd Friday; plan to buy IU Auditorium tickets (one per semester); suggestions from the group were Rent, Stomp, and Bill Cosby; make half the tickets available to people who haven't been and the rest of it open to everyone else after a certain day, sell it during office hours; will be here for orientation

Owen for BOG:

haven't heard anything about a referendum for the new constitution, might have to do it in the fall; Monica will be the secretary for BOG; plans on cleaning the student government office during orientation

Shannon for Philanthropy:

blood drive will be in Ed Formal, haven't set the dates for those yet; found professional volunteers for STD tests, still trying to find funding- have asked Bloomington Hospital to help with this; not here for orientation, is sending CAP representative Amy W. to take care of philanthropy stuff

Eric for E-Force:

download screen-saver program on computer for cancer research, can build up points and maybe have competitions between buildings; talked to Edna about possibly moving all recycle bins to one central building; there are some problems with the recycling dumpsters, especially the paper one; plans to talk about recycling at orientation

Charles for Sports/Rec:

horse riding last week; checked out camping stuff to some people already; plans to set up sports and rec tent at orientation; selected president for Collins Olympics; will only be at orientation for one/two days

Stephanie for Campus Involvement:

has a slide show of Collins Little 500 at the Awards Banquet on Wednesday

Kari for Community Council:

last CC meeting Wednesday; will arrive late for orientation

Douglas for BOP:

had staff luncheon at Tudor Room on Friday, plans on making it a recurring event; Finals Fever Reliever on Tuesday from 2-5; wants to put on programs at Welcome Week that is similar to CollinsFest; maybe have a b-b-q in courtyard after Little 500 next year; will be here for orientation

Jason for Finance:

Wednesday at 4:00 the SOA accounts closed, will reopen during Welcome Week; will be here for Orientation

Whitney for Tech:

next year wants to make an inventory of equipments to keep track of who has what, when and for what reasons; some pieces of equipment are missing; will be here for orientation

John for Pres:

had emergency Pres. Council meeting Wednesday, approved RHA J-Board members; points for people- Collins volunteers made it happen, good job; the laundry people ended up making the plan $37.50 per semester, voted down 6-5, John voted against it because didn't want to give residents another mandatory fee

meeting adjourned 6:15 pm

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