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Collins LLC Chronology

January 20, 1820 (Founders Day) - Governor Jonathan Jennings signs into law an act establishing a state seminary.

1824 - The first classes are taught at what will eventually become Indiana University. There are ten students and one professor, all male.

1884 - IU relocates to Dunn's Woods after the Seminary Square campus is damaged by fire for the second time.

October 1906 - Alpha Hall, a privately-owned dormitory for women, opens on the eastern edge of campus. It has approximately 50 bedrooms and a dining hall for 150. The majority of students continue to live in private boarding houses or Greek houses.

1924 - Washington Hall completed. It is Bloomington's first dormitory for men and the first (male or female) to be built and owned by the University.

1925 - Washington Hall is renamed South Hall. The house at 809 East 8th Street (the future Collins Clubhouse) is built.

1940 - West Hall and North Hall are completed. Together with South Hall, they make up the Men's Residence Center (MRC).

1942-1943 - Ralph L. Collins serves as headmaster of Men's Residence Center and lives there with his wife, Dorothy. During their residence, MRC is commandeered by the U.S. Navy, which gradually takes over more and more of the complex, forcing the civilian residents to relocate to houses on Forest Place (the future site of Ballantine Hall).

1949-1950 - Hillcrest Apartments completed.

1951 - The South Hall Buccaneers win the inaugural Little 500 bicycle race with a time of 2:38:00.

1952 - The North Hall Friars win the Little 500 with a time of 2:26.06.

1953 - The North Hall Friars win the Little 500 with a time of 2:28:28.

1959 - South, West, and North Halls are renamed Smith, Edmondson, and Cravens, respectively.

1959-1961 - MRC is used as housing for the U.S. Air Force.

1961 - Brown, Greene, Monroe, and Morgan Halls are completed. Together they form the Woodlawn Dormitories complex. On September 24, Smith, Edmondson, and Cravens Halls are dedicated with their new names (the name plaques are installed at this time).

1972 - The Living-Learning Center is established at MRC after a successful "Save MRC" campaign by students, staff, and alumni prevents the complex from being turned into office space. Don Bell serves as the LLC's first Director.

December 1975 - The future Collins Clubhouse (809 East 8th Street) is purchased by the Muslim Students Association and converted into the Islamic Center. The house had been previously owned by a Christian church.

1976 - Dancing Star literary magazine is founded by Jan Susina. David Burnett, a graduate student in French, serves as director of the LLC. His wife, Claire Gaudiani, serves as coordinator for residence life.

1977 - Professor Ernest Bernhardt-Kabisch becomes director of the LLC.

1978 - First Dickens Dinner.

1978-1979 - LLC Activity Fee authorized at an initial rate of $10/semester.

1980 - MRC/LLC is renamed Ralph L. Collins Living-Learning Center. Collinsfest is held for the first time.

April 2, 1981 - Collins LLC is officially rededicated with its new name.

December 10, 1983 - First Viennese Ball. Organized by student Philip Carli, it features a 25-piece orchestra.

1985 - Indiana University purchases Hillcrest Apartments from the IU Foundation.

1989 - Collinsites successfully save Brown and Greene Halls from takeover by the Department of Psychology. Psychology settles in Hillcrest instead.

1990 - Professor Carl Ziegler becomes director of the Living Learning Center, succeeding Ernest Bernhardt-Kabisch.

1998 - 25th anniversary of the Living Learning Center. An alumni reunion is held in the summer. Students live in the Clubhouse for the first time in the summer of 1998.

1998-99 - Collins acquires the A/B tower of Hillcrest Apartments. Arts Council is created. The Viennese Ball is revived.

1999-2000 - Collins acquires the C/D, E/F, and G/H stairwells of Hillcrest. The north end of the building remains occupied by the Department of Psychology.

2000-2001 - Students live in the Clubhouse for the last time.

February 2003 - Dr. Iris Yob, Academic Coordinator, leaves Collins to accept a position at Walden University.

June 2004 - Jim Beeson, Collins dining hall manager, announces his retirement from IU.

July 2004 - Sara Ivey-Lucas, Residence Manager, leaves Collins to accept a reassignment as Residence Manager of Briscoe Quadrangle.

August 31, 2004 - Professor Carl Ziegler retires after fourteen years as director of the Living Learning Center. He is succeeded by Professor Ellen Dwyer.

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