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Board of Educational Programming (BOEP) Meeting Minutes

Collins Living-Learning Center B.O.E.P.
Minutes Of 9/18/2001 Meeting

The Collins Living-Learning Center Board of Educational Programming met for a regular scheduled meeting September 18, 2001 in the Edmondson Hall Conference Room. At the time these minutes were printed, a list of those Board members in attendance was not available.

Board president Gabriel Ratliff called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM. Gabriel read aloud a proposal from Collins course instructor Jacob Smith who requested $50 of funds to pay a speaker to come to the History of Recording Technology course. The speaker will demonstrate the use of a gramophone. The request was unanimously approved.

Kim Davis, a sophomore and LLC resident, was present to present to the Board a proposal for her course project. She and a friend are enrolled in the LLC L400— the Center's independent study course. Kim's project is to stage a free, day-long music festival on the grounds of the Center in front of the veranda. The musicians, whom Kim has already contacted, have guaranteed to play for free at this venue which is scheduled for Saturday, October 6 from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Kim stated her needs, and a discussion was held on whether or not Collins course funds could be used to fund this project. Several comments and questions were made, and it was agreed to table the issue until the next meeting. Kim, whose requested funds were already earmarked by Arts Council, was thanked for attending, and was informed that, at the present time, the Board could not grant her the funds. However, if the project is still in need of funding, she is invited to return after more discussion is held on the L400 issue at the next meeting.

Self-nominations were then held for the Board positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Coordinator. Several candidates ran for these positions and elections were held. Mark Helmsing was voted Secretary, Ann Huehls was voted Treasurer, and Una Kim was voted to be Public Relations Coordinator. Sarah Hoff will remain as Vice President and Gabriel Ratliff as President. Dr. Yob commented on her pleasure of seeing many students express an interest in holding a workable office on the Board.

On Thursday, October 18, a reception will be held in the Collins Coffeehouse from 7:30 to 8:30 to officially welcome new IU Bloomington Chancellor Sharon Brehm to Collins. Each active group of Collins (B.O.P, B.O.E.P, E-Force, etc.) will have their president/main leader speak briefly on what their respective group does at Collins. After the chancellor speaks for a few minutes, the reception will give Collins residents and staff an opportunity to convey to Chancellor Brehm what the Living-Learning Center is and what ways the Center and her office can work together. Board members are encouraged to actively promote the event, and encourage as many Collins residents as possible to attend.

Dr. Yob informed the Board on the situation involving Dr. Lichtenberg's program this year. After a successful "Fireside Chat" last year, the Board was interested in him giving another lecture this year. After communication problems were resolved, it was understood that he would indeed present a talk on miracles. A prospective date was planned for sometime between October 8 and 11. Galen and Daniel will work on finalizing a date as the Board discusses more details about the program. Some discussion was held on whether or not to include the talk with a dinner in the cafeteria.

Gabriel distributed the revised course evaluations for all LLC courses. Dr. Yob expressed some sentiment that the old evaluations were too vague in the language of their questions and enabled the evaluating student to be too passive in assessing the qualities of the course. The current evaluation is an adaptation of one which Dr. Remak — an important contributor to the Center — uses in his courses.

Handbills were distributed which advertised a joint effort between the Department of Religious Studies and the LLC. On the second Wednesday of every month, a discussion table on "Asian Religions" will be held in the Collins Coffeehouse from noon to 1:30 PM. Dr. McRae and Dr. Manring from the Department of Religious Studies will be leading the discussions. Board members were encouraged to promote this activity to all Collins residents.

A discussion was held on holding a luncheon for the advisors from the University Division. Board members would meet with all of the Division's advisors over lunch to discuss course issues. A projected time was in early October.

With no more further discussion, the meeting adjourned after 9:45 PM. Next meeting will be September 25 in the Edmondson Hall Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted by Mark Helmsing on September 24, 2001

Secretary's Note: Because I became aware of note-taking duties half-way through the meeting, some details are vague in the minutes. Details may be amended during meeting.

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Collins Living-Learning Center B.O.E.P.
Minutes Of 9/25/2001 Meeting

The Collins Living-Learning Center Board of Educational Programming met for a regularly scheduled meeting on September 25, 2001 in the Edmondson Hall Conference Room. Those present were Mark Helmsing, Ann Huehls, Violet Vandever, Una Kim, Diana Clark, Gabe Traylor, Daniel Sledgé, Daniel Youngs, Lori Osting, Sally Harless, Gabriel Ratliff, Kristen Murphy, Jim Brown, Galen Baughman, Sarah Hoff, and Iris Yob.

  • Collins Zine Project Proposal
  • L400 Budgeting
  • Discussion of Collins Library/BOEP
  • Odds & Ends
    • Lichtenberg program
    • Brehm

1. Lori & Sally:

  • collecting zines for Collins
  • asked for donations of zines for the Collins library
  • requested $250 to buy a large collection ($200 & $50)
  • Need to establish ways of circulating & maintaining the zine collections
  • Will advertise these to the Collins population (we'll offer services)
  • Proviso: must buy a variety of zines; try to get a diverse collection
  • Academic programming: 3,225
  • Unanimous approval was given

2. Violet

  • Drug & Alcohol Educator
  • wants to purchase 21 copies of The Vagina Monologues for the residents of her floor (4) in Edmondson to read as part of a book discussion-club centered around the book
  • The exact price was unknown, but two approximations were given — $12 & $14; if it IS $12.00 then the total price would be around $252, if $14 then around $300
  • After much discussion, the final decision was $7.00 of the book would be paid for from B.O.E.P. and the remainder of the price needs to come from the participants OR B.O.G. (because it's also floor programming)

3. Collins Library & B.O.E.P. alliance

  • Current library hours: 5-12 PM
  • Help is needed in encouraging patrons to use the library and to check out materials
  • Should we have programming in the library?
  • What do we want in the library?
  • How do we promote what's there?
  • More discussion of this will be held at the next B.O.E.P. meeting, on October 9 at 8:00 PM

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Collins-Living Learning Center B.O.E.P.
Minutes Of 10/09/01 Meeting

  • Upcoming BOEP Events
  • Quick note from Iris: 2 new courses
  • Library, In Trouble Part 2 (CHECK THIS OUT!)
  • Jacob Smith
  • L400


Thursday, October 11th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm, Coffeehouse- Don Lichtenberg gives a Fireside Chat on the subject of ARE THERE MIRACLES? Hear a scientist's point of view!

Wednesday, October 17th, 11:30 - 1:00 pm, Coffeehouse- UDIV and Honors Advisors come to Collins so that we may recruit them to PROMOTE COLLINS COURSES TO FRESHMEN! Help support BOEP by bringing your lunch from the cafeteria, and sit down with an advisor to tell them how great Collins Courses are! Lunch will be followed by a short presentation. All are welcome. Come and go as you need.

Thursday, October 18th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm, Coffeehouse- CHANCELLOR BREHM MEETS COLLINS! Chancellor Brehm and Collins Leaders will each have a chance to speak, followed by an extended Question and Answer period, and a Reception with Jim's yummy refreshments afterward. Let's show the chancellor how cool we really are!


L401 is an Independent Study course created by students (like L400), only with a Service Learning component.

L101 is a special (exclusive to Collins) add-on that allows an instructor to tag a Service Learning component — optional to students — onto their existing COAS course. L01 allows instructors to extend learning beyond the classroom, and gives students academic credit for it! Example: Professor Quentin Dixie adding a service learning component to his Civil Rights course in the form of a Spring Break trip to Montgomery, AL. Students may choose to go or not go.

Because BOEP is the only course approval board of its kind on campus (or in the country, for that matter) we will have power of approval over L101 proposals.

BOEP needs to consider: Do we want power of approval over L400 and L401 courses? As of yet, Iris is the only person who approves these. Should we add our expertise to the mix when Collins students propose these Independent Study courses? Something to consider, and bring your opinion to the next meeting.


The CRUX of the issue: We have no money to buy any materials for the library. BUT, people aren't coming into the library because there's nothing there, and since people aren't coming in, we cannot have any money. Get it? It's a cycle (and a bad one, too.)

RPS, which is now in charge of the libraries, is unsympathetic. They want the library managers to find money in their Res Halls (!). They have given Todd (our library manager) a whole $400 to purchase some materials.


JACOB SMITH - Collins Instructor

Came to BOEP to request use of $50 (of the $500 pre-destined for use in his course, $50 of which he has already used) to pay an honorarium to a guest speaker.

The speaker has expertise in radio drama/theater, and also as a label owner. He will talk about the History of Radio Drama and his experience.

BOEP approved the expenditure.

L400: What's up with that?

L400 is an Independent Study Course, designed and proposed (to Iris) by students in groups of 2 or more. Students have a faculty advisor outside of Collins to meet with.

Do we want to allocate $500 to these like we do our other Collins courses? What will the $ request process be?

BOEP decided, after very little discussion, that $500 should be available to L400 students to supplement their learning. (Example: students once created a L400 course about Capital Punishment, and visited the Federal Prison in Terre Haute — would have been nice to have had money to give them for that trip!)

To use this money, students will have to request funds, with a pink sheet, as any other Collins Instructor would do, and requests are subject to approval by BOEP.

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Collins-Living Learning Center B.O.E.P.
Minutes Of 10/23/01 Meeting

Those present include M. Helmsing, U. Kim, D. Clark, A. Huehls, G. Baughman, T. Grooten, S. Hoff, D. Youngs, G. Ratliff, G. Traylor, C. Vian, L. Grime, and I. Yob (advisor)

  • Mark Hooker: "Re-made movies" Film Festival
  • Library Subcommittee Report

1.) Mark Hooker

2.) Library Sub-committee report

3.) Course Evaluations

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Collins-Living Learning Center B.O.E.P.
Minutes of 11/27/01 Meeting

A regularly scheduled meeting of the Collins Living-Learning Center's Board of Educational Programming was brought to order at 8:00 PM on the evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2001 in the Edmondson Hall Conference Center. President Gabriel Ratliff called the meeting to order.

1.) Project Proposal

  • Iris Yob, Academic Coordinator and Collins course instructor, presented a proposal for $100 to pay for costs of having a video edited for her course; it deals with the role of emotions in self-other relationships
  • Kurt Lawson will be paid the amount for a job that could take up to — or more than — ten hours of labor. The video would be of good use and could be shown repeatedly in future courses
  • The Board unanimously voted to accept the proposal and award Dr. Yob the money to spend for her project

2.) Curriculum Committee

  • President Ratliff gave a summary of the agenda and process for the meeting with members of the Faculty Curriculum Committee which ultimately accept the Collins courses chosen by BOEP members
  • The Committee will convene at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 in the EBK Coffeehouse. Linda Smith, Asst. Director of the College of Arts & Sciences will not be present, but the process will go on as planned
  • The Board decided that it is of value to present the course "Introduction to Flight" in front of the Committee for their opinions and input

3.) Geology course

  • On Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 7:00 PM, an information session will be sponsored by BOEP in the Edmondson Hall Formal Lounge for all students interested in taking the summer course L130; a geology course that meets at IU from May 6-16 and then in California from May 18-June 1 with field work in the Sierra Nevada mountains
  • BOEP members were encouraged to recommend the course to other students, and to especially encourage students to attend the Q&A session on Wednesday

4.) Dickens Dinner

  • BOEP and BOP will co-sponsor the annual Dickens Dinner on Tuesday, December 4 in the Edmondson Dining Hall; Collins President John Schlafer was present to answer any questions and to focus BOEP's efforts in inviting and facilitating distinguished associates, faculty, and staff of Collins & IU to attend; it was also stated that the dinner is not closed — it is open to anyone who is willing to pay (swipe card) except for personally invited guests with a proper invitation card
  • Some BOEP members expressed a concern that the Dining Hall could not hold all of the anticipated participants for the Dinner. John mentioned that lines were formed and waiting for the Thanksgiving Dinner; a formal holiday reception will be hosted in the EBK coffeehouse prior to and during the Dickens Dinner for all guests; BOP will be decorating it and G. Baughman is to find a pianist for music
  • It was decided that no formal memento or gift is needed for distinguished guests, as their free meal and invitation is the gift itself Collins is giving

5.) Melvin VanPeebles

  • Filmmaker VanPeebles will lead an intensive five-day workshop on screenwriting and film producing sponsored in part by the Black Film Center & Archives; he will be staying the Collins guest room during the week of January 28-February 1; it was suggested by Iris Yob that he work with Collins during that week and do an interesting program for the members of Collins as he will be living with us during that week

6.) Craig Owens

  • English doctoral student and past Collins course instructor Craig Owens has expressed an interest in becoming a Collins Associate, particularly focusing on his expertise in theatre
  • He would like to take Collins students on trips to see plays around the region; BOEP voted to make Owens an associate and awarded him the stipend that accompanies the position

7.) Collins Course Evaluations

  • Iris Yob requested that available BOEP members arrange with this semester's Collins course instructors a time to go into their respective classes and administer course evaluations with the class, instructing them how important the evaluations are and how important it is to write complete and legible comments

8.) Library Committee Update

  • President Gabriel Ratliff asked the Board if the contest over ideas for the Collins library be deferred until after Winter Break, when students will be better able to retain the details of the contest and could be more focused on thinking about making a "new start" in the new semester
  • President John Schlafer expressed a desire to include the contest and brainstorming process as a part of the "ReOrientation Week" after break
  • Some students have expressed a concern donating personal items to the Collins Library IF the library does disband and RPS acquires all of the materials. It was suggested that any items donated specifically for the Collins library be labeled conspicuously FOR COLLINS so as not to be taken by RPS

*This was the last regular BOEP meeting of the Fall 2001 semester.

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