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Freaks vs. Greeks: A Collins West Side Story

When You're a Jet

When you're a Greek
You're the queen of the town
You're the mistress of chic
With a beauty queen crown

When you're a Greek
You're the swingin-est thing
Little boy you're a man
Little man you're a king

The Greeks are the top
We keep the campus going
Our force you can't stop
Just like you can't stop the wind from blowing!

Once you are with us you'll always have friends
But don't even try if you know you can't blend

We like our own and we know who is who
So if your foot don't fit you're not getting that shoe

We're drawing the line
So keep your weirdos hidden!
We're hanging a sign
Says: "Freaks are all forbidden" — and we ain't kiddin'!

Here come the Greeks, yeah!
And we're gonna rule
Every dorm, every club
In the whole buggin' school!
In the whole! Ever! Mother! Lovin'! School!


I like to live in the Collins dorm
It's a place I can feel safe and warm
I can be anyone that I choose
No one looks strange if I don't wear shoes

Sometimes the people here are strange

I think it makes such a nice change

It's true the people here are nice

They see my hair and don't think twice!

All kinds of people in Collins here
Black or white, boy or girl, straight or queer
We are big friends of diversity
Here at this big university

Sometimes they call us the freak dorm

Just 'cause we're different from the "norm"

All of my friends here, they like me,

But not because they're "just like" me!

We live in Collins because we care
We like the people that we meet there
Here we are active and smart and cool
This is the best place in the whole school!

"Greek" Tony and "Freak" Maria meet, with music, fall in love, smooch, are pulled back by their groups.

A Boy Like That

Anita to Maria:
A boy like that, Maria, listen:
A boy like that wants more than kissin'
He isn't your kind; he don't want your kind
Now maybe rich boy thinks he's "slumming"
But listen, girl, I know what's coming
All Greeks do, my dear, is make love and drink beer

Repeat above verse

Riff to Tony:
Tony, my man, you're acting dippy
What is this girl — some kind of hippie?
She isn't your kind; stick to your own kind
Look — she can't dress, she isn't cute
Soon you'll hug trees, or play the flute
She's not in our norm, she's from the freak dorm

Anita and Riff:
You're different than you used to be
If you like him/her, do you still like me?


There's a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Groups and prejudice all aside
You will be my bride

There's a time for us
A time for all of us
Time to learn that behind the games
Underneath, we're all the same

Someday! Somewhere!
We'll find a new way of living
We'll find a way of forgiving

There's a place for us
Where we can all be "us"
Friends together because we care
Take my hand and we'll start to share
Somehow, someday, somewhere!

Dialogue — can't we all just get along?

One Hand, One Heart

Let's keep our minds open.
Let's keep our hearts open.
Let's keep our arms open wide
That we may find love inside

Let's keep our hearts open
Day after day, open
Now it begins, now we start
Living with an open heart
Prejudice behind us now

Repeat last verse

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