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Collinsites.org is vehemently opposed to graffiti - but isn't this a nice sentiment?

Many Collinsites have contributed to this project by sending me their writings and pictures, or simply by their general wonderfulness. Their names and bios appear below. Thank you all for helping make this site possible.

I am always looking for more submissions to expand the collection of Collins material available here. To find out how you can contribute, please visit the Wish List.

Susan M. Brackney spent much of her time at IU on "the Hill" in Brown Hall. In 1994, she graduated with a degree in English and a certificate in Women's Studies, and she has lived in Bloomington ever since. Brackney is a full-time freelance writer and the author of three non-fiction books. For more information, visit www.lostsoulcompanion.com.

Laura Hartman, alias Lorro, lived in Collins from 1997-2001 and was involved in too many activities to be mentioned here. She will always be remembered fondly for her rendition of "American Pie," her unstinting commitment to the environment, and her seemingly endless supply of grandma clothes available for Collins costume-required events. Lorro's superstar status as a Collinesian was only furthered by her regular attendance at luncheons with Professors where she always had a question to ask, ensuring enjoyment by all parties in attendance. Which leaves us with questions of our own: Who is this year's Lorro? And can anyone really fill the void she left behind when she went to attend the University of Virginia and get her Ph.D. in religious studies with a focus on ethics and the environment? (Thanks to Anna for writing Laura's bio.)

Catherine Hawkes is the Assistant Director for Programming and Alumni at Collins. Her moral support of this and many other endeavors has been invaluable. Thank you, Catherine!

Anna Hazinski lived in Collins from 1997-2000 and was one of those gracious Townies who managed to make living in a dorm look like it fit easily into her life (it's hard for a townie, just ask them!). She excelled in many areas, particularly dorm-room decorating and lunchtime conversations, but her contributions to BOEP will perhaps be remembered best of all. Her intelligent contributions and unflagging enthusiasm were a model. After her departure, bewildered BOEP reps were left asking themselves, "what would Anna do?" Whether she was wearing one of her unforgettable Halloween costumes, dramatically arranging another one of her distinctive scarves around her long neck, or gracefully dancing to Ella Fitzgerald in the stairwells, Anna made her mark on Collins life. She has since made her mark on New York City, first as a Teach for America instructor and now working for a company that creates software tools for teachers. (Thanks to Laura for writing Anna's bio.)

Mark Helmsing lived in Collins from 2001 to 2004 and fondly remembers his service as Historian for Collins (2002-2003), co-chair of BOEP (2002-2004), member of BOP, Q199 instructor, Fee Committee representative, Welcome Week co-chair (2002 & 2003), and member of the 2003 Collins team for the IU Trivia Bowl. Among the hundreds of wonderful moments he cherishes from the LLC are long chats with friendly folk when he lived in Brown and Hillcrest, Jim's "Last Call," running to Catherine and Iris for advice, and developing a strong relationship with Carl that continues through today. He is looking for photographs from the "Haunted Hill" event of October 2001. Mark makes his home in Bloomington, living down the road from his 2nd Most Favorite Place of Learning (after Collins) — Bloomington High School North, where he teaches English and social studies, sponsors too many clubs and activities, and recruits future Collinsites.

Faja Klaus (Josh McCracken) lived in Collins-Brown from 2001 to 2002. "I knew from the moment I moved in that I was about to experience something like I'd never experienced before, and I ended up being right," he says. After a short hiatus from school after moving back to Milwaukee, he is an Art Applied Theory and Criticism major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and his art is hanging in coffeehouses across the city.

Kristen Murphy is the webmistress of Collinsites.org. She lived in Collins from 1998 to 2002 and variously served as Columns co-editor, Historian, Fee Committee chair, Orientation co-chair, and Dancing Star editor. She also enjoyed a four-year stint as starting triker for the Collins Catastrophes Mini 500 team. She currently resides in Bloomington. Her home base on the Web is purplelagoon.org.

Richard Muthiah was part of a team that performed a cultural study of the Collins community in the spring of 2002 as part of a class in IU's Higher Education and Student Affairs program. Richard took the beautiful gnome photographs gracing our banner.

John Palmer was the president of Collins from 2003 to 2004. He has also served as Collins Technical Director and RHA President and rode for Collins in the Little 500. Many thanks to John for providing the list of past presidents!

Duncan Teater served for two years as the Collins Arts Council chair. "I loved Collins, and I loved the Arts Council. We always liked to encourage people to dream in full color and with cool props; I loved it when our members (especially Veronica Lloyd, she of the ceramics studio) insisted on giving residents with proposals more money than they thought they needed. 'One hundred and thirty two dollars? Why don't you take two hundred dollars?! You might need extra paint, or ice cream' was a pretty common response to a resident request." Duncan was also involved in the revival of the Viennese Ball, the Dancing Star, the Collins Columns, and other "stuff" at Collins. He is an actor, writer, and improvisor in Chicago, IL.

Megan Walsh never lived in Collins, but she knows a gorgeous Gothic building when she sees one. She loves Notre Dame de Paris a little bit more than Edmondson, but I guess we can forgive her for that.

Kenny Zeiger resided in Collins-Greene in 1997 and 1998 and pseudo-resided there for the next two years. He was active in the Columns his freshman year, writing a tabloid page each week. He wrote for the Dancing Star and was involved in a great deal of the one-time-type workshops always going on at the dorm. He majored in fashion design and costuming. He is currently residing in New Orleans and working both at Bike Delivery and as a realtor with Latter & Blum. He is renovating a large house by himself in the St. Roch neighborhood. He can be contacted at 504-782-7684 or kzeiger@latterblum.com.

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